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Unemployed Loans

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To find a loan as an unemployed individual may not be very easy, we all know, but that is why IAFC is here to help you. We operate our business to provide you with an easier life through our lender finder service which will successfully provide you with the needed finance in a short time.  

Do You Need a Loan? Before applying for unemployed loans

It is very essential that you first find out what options you have before you submit an application to take out unemployed loans. For example, any Centrelink recipient can find it possible to be eligible for Centrelink Advance Payment. You will have to take a portion of the ongoing income support that you are receiving before. You will receive funds out of your future payment that you will get from Centrelink. The most beneficial part of this set up is the interest free feature.   

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Unemployed People – How to apply for Advance Payments

Applying for Advance Payments should be simple enough. Here are the steps you need to do:

1. Sign in to your myGov account and go to Centrelink
2. Select the option to Apply for Advance
3. You will be prompted on whether you’re qualified to apply or not. If you are, choose Get Started.
4. Follow the prompts on the screen to proceed with the application.
5. Submit the application once you’re done.

You have the option to apply for Advance payments using the mobile app for Express Plus Centrelink.

A part of the advance will then be paid fortnightly until such time as the repayments have been completed. This is convenient since there’s no need for you to set anything up. You can find more details about Advance Payments via the DHS or the Department of Human Services.

Fast cash unemployed loans – Finding The Right Lender 

There’s no telling when an unexpected expense would come up. Whilst some may easily have enough tucked away doer these rainy days, others may not be as fortunate. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you’ll be assured to know that there is a way for you to secure the help you need via online lenders that can process your loans fast. Unfortunately, this may not always be that easy to do when you are unemployed.

Fast cash loans for the unemployed are generally next to impossible to find. To make it easier for you to find the right lender with the right loan products to assist you, IAFC’s lender locator service would certainly help make the whole process easier for you to do.

Cash Loans – Unemployed personal loans vs payday loans

Usually, people often associate unemployed loans with payday lenders. However, out lender finder service at IAFC isn’t going to purposely match you with lenders offering bad credit payday loans. Instead, we will work hard at getting you paired with lenders offering personal loans & payday loan alternatives instead. Understanding the difference between the two is very important.

Payday lenders are known to offer terms that are shorter than personal loans. Usually, payday loans will have a repayment term of up to weeks whilst on the other hand, personal loans can have a term of several months, this makes it more manageable to pay off repayments for a $2000 loan since it will be stretched out for several months instead of only just a month.

Additionally, payday lenders tend to offer smaller loan amounts and will rarely if never lend over $2000. Lenders that offer personal loans on the other hand may let you borrow up to $10000— although this varies per lender.

Find creditors offering unemployed online loans at IAFC

What does IAFC do? We are a lender finder service with the goal of making it possible for you to get access to credit in a manner that is less stressful and a little easier.

IAFC’s goal is to get you paired with a lender that can offer you a loan. All you have to do is submit an application from our site and we will do the heavy lifting on your behalf. There’s no need for you to have to fill out multiple application forms just to send it to several potential creditors.

More importantly, the IAFC lender locator service is completely free.

Checking Your Credit – Are banks willing to let unemployed people borrow money?

Whilst banks tend to differ in terms of loan eligibility criteria, when you try to borrow money and you are unemployed, it can be double more difficult for you to secure their approval.

Banks tend to impose rather strict eligibility requirements that they need consumers to meet before they are considered for a loan. When applying for a loan at a bank, expect them to look into the following details:

  • If you’ve had defaults on your credit history
  • If there have been missed payments included in your credit report, especially those that were overdue for more than 14 days
  • If your income, minus your expenses and other existing debts, will be efficient to cover the new debt that you’re about to take on
  • If you have enough in your savings to prove that you have the means to repay the loan

Short term lenders are still likely to take a look at the above details when deciding whether to approve a loan application or not. However, they tend to be more lenient and will likely still approve an application even when you don’t meet some of the standards they have set.

Where can I apply for a loan when I have no income?

If there’s one thing that lenders do first when assessing whether to grant you a loan or not, it’s to first check if you are earning enough that will give you the capacity to pay off whatever amount you plan on borrowing. This leaves you asking how you can even apply for a loan when you don’t have an income to begin with?

Fortunately, there are lenders who will be more than happy to consider regular Centrelink benefits as an income source. So, if you’re a Centrelink recipient, this gives you a chance to still get approved for a loan.

You read that right! As long as you can show proof that you have been getting Centrelink benefit payments for at least the last 90 days and that what you’re getting is more than enough to cover the loan repayments.

Does this mean I can take out a loan even without a job?

Probably, yes!

There are lenders that would consider Centrelink payments as an income for. However, there are only specific types of Centrelink payments that lenders will accept. So, it is always best to get in touch with your lender to find out if they will accept your Centrelink payment type or not.

No Income Bad Credit Loans

Use Loan for Personal Needs – Are there limitations to how I can use funds from unemployment loans?

As we have mentioned earlier, our lender finder service at IAFC aims to pair you with lenders who will be happy to offer you a personal loan despite the fact that you’re unemployed. This means that the funds you will be provided with can be used for a whole host of personal expenses.

A personal loan may be used to cover the following:

  • Car registration
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Insurance
  • Travel expenses
  • Utility bills
  • Holiday costs
  • Childcare costs
  • Rental bond
  • Household items and appliances
  • And a whole lot more!

Personal loans can really be used to cover for just about virtually anything.

Can an unemployed borrower be granted a loan?

Yes. However, you will also need to show proof that you’re receiving some type of income regularly to qualify. In most cases, this can be payments from Centrelink or it could also be from assets you own that are income-generating, provided that you can show that it will be enough to cover the loan repayment.

Is bad credit same day loan possible?

Your finance can take a hit and everybody can stumble financially at some point and these mistakes can impact your credit score. Unfortunately, your credit score is going to really haunt you for a while— specifically, up to 7 years.

If you have stumbled in the past which led to a less than perfect credit score, you’ll naturally feel that the choices available for you may be quite limited.

Whilst traditional lenders and banks may be hesitant to let you borrow money when your credit isn’t perfect, there will always be alternatives out there. A lot of short term lenders may be more than willing to offer you a loan and will look past your less than ideal credit report.

IAFC can help get you connected with these lenders. In the event that you have a rather poor credit history, IAFC can help you save time in finding the right lender with the right loan products appropriate for your needs.

How can I check my eligibility?

We have made our eligibility criteria as accommodating as we possibly can with IAFC. This is to ensure that we can help as many potential borrowers as possible whilst also making sure that they get to be connected to the right lenders.

Before lodging an application at IAFC, see to it first that you read our criteria to make sure that you indeed qualify.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • A citizen of the country or a permanent resident
  • Have a working email address and phone number
  • Have been getting regular income into your personal account for the last 3 months, at least

How do I apply for a personal loan for unemployed borrowers?

IAFC understands that people with emergency cash needs require quick access to unemployed loans. This is why we have designed our lender finder service to be as streamlined and simple so lodging an application via our website is not just easy but will only likely take you a few minutes.

Want to know how to do it? Read on.


Start by submitting your application via the IAFC website. Just scroll up to locate the loan calculator right at the top of the page. Enter the amount you intend to borrow and what your ideal repayment term is. You will then be provided with an estimate on how much the repayments are going to be if you choose a monthly, fortnightly or weekly setup.

Do note that the slider will only show you representations of what the costs are likely going to be concerning the amount of money you are borrowing. The final loan offer extended to you by the lender you’ll be paired with is likely going to be different. Once you’re pleased with the details you’re seeing on screen, you can proceed with the application and just click the Apply Now option.


You’ll need to fill out the submission form next. The application process has been simplified so you only need to provide us with the essentials. We’ve streamlined the process too and it is 100% online so there’s no need for you to have to go through tedious procedures.

Now that the form has been submitted you can just put your feet up and wait for us to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. Our automated system is set to scan all potential loan products that will likely be compatible with the kind of loan you’re looking for with the goal of finding the right one and the right lender at the shortest possible time. Once we have the outcome, which will usually be within 1 hour, we will contact you via email or text.


Once we have successfully found a compatible lender for you, they will initiate contact. This will either be by email or via your mobile phone.

The new lender is then going to conduct the necessary assessment and will get in touch with you regarding the matter. If they think that you are qualified, a loan contract is sent to you. Make sure to read the contract and understand the little details involved.

Note the terms that they are proposing in the loan offer too. Find out what are the fees and charges involved and see if these are upfront or ongoing ones. Once you’re happy with the agreement, you can just proceed and approve it. Typically, the lender will get the funds transferred to you upon the approval of the contract.

I need a small loan – No need for Asset such As Car or Boat

In need of emergency cash loans but don’t have a job? IAFC may be able to find you a lender that can offer a small loan of up to $2000.

Loans like these are generally unsecured which doesn’t require you to include any asset in the application process as loan security. This is a good thing especially if you don’t have a van, car, motorbike or boat that’s registered under your name.

IAFC also partners with lenders that can offer medium to large loans. Below we list down a guide to get an idea of the loan types that potential lenders are likely to offer to you. Bear in mind that repayments can differ depending on the lender you get paired with.

Also, if you don’t have a job, the products available for you may not be as varied. It is best that you are well aware of this before sending out an invitation.

24/7 online loans

What’s great about 247 payday loans is that they are 100% online. Our service is even available for consumers to use on the go. It doesn’t matter where you are or when you wish to apply, you can do so any time. Applicants can access our service wherever and whenever. 

Do note that when you submit an application on the weekend, you may have to wait until the next business day to get an outcome.

Is it possible to get a same-day unemployed cash loan?

It is possible, yes!

However, there are a few variables that can affect when you can get access to your funds. Understanding what these variables arte is essential as this may help increase the chances of you securing an approval.

How about unemployed no credit check loans?

Typically, those that search for no credit check loans online do so because they feel that their credit scores aren’t enough to earn the approval of regular creditors.

Whilst it’s true that most lenders would put a lot of weight on your credit rating when deciding whether to offer you a loan or not, it’s not really the only thing that they will focus on when making a decision. The lenders that IAFC work with in particular, are known for focusing on a variety of aspects surrounding the application to assess whether to approve you or not.

IAFC can’t offer any guarantee that the lenders you will be paired with aren’t going to conduct any credit check. What we can guarantee, however, is that these lenders may be more than happy to look beyond your credit score when deciding whether to approve or reject your loan application. They’ll be more focused on your current relationship with money instead of just banking their decision on your credit rating alone.

Payday Loans for Unemployed

Do you really need to have my banking information?

Yes. It’s one of the few things we require from our customers and for a reason. Our automated system is designed to process the banking details you enter so it can get access to the last 90 days of your bank statements. This makes it possible for us to pass the application to potential lenders so they can verify for themselves whether they would be willing to approve your application or not.

Through your banking details, it will be so much easier for potential lenders to get an idea of what your financial standing currently is. They will know whether your income is sufficient to cover not just your expenses but the loan repayments to if they are to approve you.

Also, consumers don’t really need to have to provide all their payslips and bank statements on their own. The system will do the rest of the work on its own. At IAFC, we’re all about making no paperwork loan applications easy and paperwork-free.

Find bad credit unemployed loans

Just because you have poor credit and are unemployed doesn’t mean it’s hopeless for you to secure a loan. We will take care of getting your application sent to potential lenders, especially those that are known to look at more than just your credit record when deciding whether to grant you a loan or not

Loans for bad credit unemployed single moms

We’re all about helping as many Australians as well can to get access to credit whenever they need to. It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed or your credit rating is bad. We will still try to help you.

My loan got rejected— why?

If we’re unable to get you partnered with a lender, it may probably because the lender is unable to offer you the loan product that is right for you. This might be confusing and annoying but this is generally due to how you might not have met the criteria that the lenders have set.

However, note that lenders tend to change their criteria very often so if you have been declined today you may possibly be eligible to get approved for their loans in the future. There are a number of reasons your application got declined. In most cases, it’s generally because the lenders feel that you might not be at a point right now where you can afford the repayments.

Lenders will also decline a loan application when they can see that it may be hard for you to afford your repayments with the current income you’re earning. They need to decline the application because the law requires them to follow responsible lending practices. It is actually illegal for lenders to offer a loan to consumers that don’t have the capacity to pay the money back.

Easy repayment

Once you’re offered a loan, you’ll also need to agree on a repayment term with the lender. This includes the amount of the loan you’ll be granted along with the repayment setup that you need to follow when paying back what you borrowed. If you took out a small loan of $2000 or smaller, repayment terms will generally be around 12 months. Larger loans of $2100-$1000 will usually have a repayment term of 13 to 24 months— although this can vary from one lender to another.

Most lenders will often give you the choice of making the repayments monthly, fortnightly or weekly. A direct debit is then set up to allow them to just automatically debit the agreed repayment amount from your account on the agreed interval.

The direct debit will be automatically stopped once the loan gets fully repaid.

What if I can’t make the repayment?

If you feel that you won’t be able to make the repayment on time, always make sure to get in touch with your lender. Always be honest with your lender and make sure that you are upfront with them about your finance and financial situation.

Typically, if you will give your creditor at least a day notice before your repayment is due, they may be able to get your repayment rescheduled or even allow you to skip it for a fee.

Your Finance – My financial situation changed

If there are some drastic changes in your life that significantly affects your financial capacity that prevents you from conveniently repaying the loan, make sure to inform your lender about it as soon as you can. Lenders have a hardship department that takes care of situations like these. When you claim for a hardship, you will be requested to provide necessary documents to prove the current situation you are in. The claim is then assessed and the lender will offer a restructured payment plan once the application gets approved.

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