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No Credit Check Loans

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Learn More with IAFC On No Credit Check Loans

When you have bad credit, generally you will be attracted to no credit check loans. You would be because it’s natural that you would worry about the Bas credit you have which may hinder your chance of getting a regular loan. However, if you look carefully around you, you will see that these types of loans are not the only available options that you have. IAFC operates on finding you the most suitable lenders that will provide you with loans that are up to 10,000 dollars even if you have bad credit. And, there is no guarantee that these offers will come with no credit checks.   

Disclaimer: IAFC cannot say that there is a guarantee on no credit check which is going to be conducted by the lender that you are matched with. It depends on whether the lender wants to conduct a credit check or not as part of evaluating your loan application. IAFC has no say in the process that these lenders use in assessing loan applications.     

So you have a credit rating that looks rather disappointing? Check out the lender finder service we provide at IAFC. 

What Are No Credit Check Loans?

The name already implies the meaning, they are loans that do not require credit checks, they are small loans that are provided to borrowers without having to check their credit records. Most especially when you are taking out this loan, you should expect the following;  

  • Lenders will not access your credit records 
  • All your loan details will reflect in your credit file. 
  • Expect that lenders will ask you for your bank statements which are usually for the past 90 days.

As a result of all these features and that you pay back these small loans within a short period, a lot of borrowers would sign up for these loans. Especially those with bad credit ratings. That is those individuals who know their credit score is a little lesser than average. Which is the benchmark for getting approval on your loan application when you go through the regular process of checking credit which may not be in their favor.   

That you don’t have up to the average credit rating does not say that you will have to go through difficulty before you can get a loan offer. You need to only know where to look for you to get the easier options for loans. There is the possibility that you will get your approval for bad credit loans. You only need to keep in mind that we at IAFC cannot guarantee you getting a loan offer with no credit checks.  

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No Credit Check – Understanding the basics of loans with no credit checks

When you decide to borrow from a lender specializing in no-credit-check loans, expect that:

  • The lender isn’t going to ask the credit bureau for your credit file.This is exactly why this type of loan is called such. When you avail of this type of loan, it goes without saying that the credit providers involved will no longer require access to your credit history.
  • The loan details will still be reflected on your file. While checking your credit records isn’t something your lender will require to approve the loan request, the application will still be reported to the credit bureau. Once you get approved, the loan details are also going to still be recorded in your file.
  • The lender will still need to check your banking history. Topically, creditors will want to check the past 90 days of your bank statements to determine whether the loan amount you are applying for is something you can afford to repay or not. This is also an effective way for them to determine what your current financial standing is.
  • You’ll need to be earning a regular income. You will also need to prove to the lenders that you can afford the repayments. This is why you’ll be required to show proof of your income. This may be through your present employment or proof that you’re receiving benefits from Centrelink.

In some cases, there are lenders that will be able to approve the loan and let you have access to the funds on the very same day of the application.

No Credit Check – Are there fast cash loans without credit checks?

Applying for an Instant approval online loan with no credit checks doesn’t have any additional cost. Also, borrowers aren’t required to accept the loan they are offered with. Also, it’s important to note that it may take us only 1 hour to get your application matched with a potential lender when submitted during business hours. If you intend to apply for a cash loan between $300 and $10,000, there’s a very good chance that a credit check may be carried out by the lenders.

IAFC cannot offer any guarantee that a loan with no credit checks will be offered to you. Still, most lenders will take a good look at your current financial standing to determine whether they will require a credit check or not or if they will approve the loan request or not.

Bad No Credit Check Short Term Loans

No Credit Check – Is it safe to take out a loan with no credit checks?

Consumers have a bevy of credit options out there. For instance, these borrowing options may come via payday loans, payday loans alternatives and personal loans. These loan types are available in reputable creditors as well as the dodgy ones.

When you use IAFC, you won’t have to go through the trouble of sorting through the many credit providers out there. We do the heavy lifting for you. We will see to it too that you will only get matched with legitimate and reputable lenders who have been known for their responsible practices.

Do keep in mind that there will be a chance that a potential lender will carry out a credit check. Still, they are also keen to look at the whole picture and not just base their decision on your credit rating alone. This is why even when your credit score may be less than ideal, IAFC may pair you with a potential lender who is more than willing to look beyond your credit score and instead on your capacity to pay back what you are borrowing.

Bad Credit Score – My credit history isn’t exactly spotless! Are there lenders that will not carry out a credit assessment?

If your goal is to wiggle yourself out of a credit check, it’s highly likely that your credit rating may be dismal that other lenders may likely turn the application down. While it is true that IAFC cannot guarantee that the lender you will be paired with isn’t going to carry out a credit assessment, we may get you paired with a creditor who can offer Emergency cash loans intended for borrowers with low credit scores.

Still, we will also include a list of loans that will not need credit checks to be carried out. Note, however, that this is but a guide and different lenders are expected to carry out different processes.

Cash Loans – Instant cash loans for Aussies

Instant cash loans would prove to be the most ideal solution for borrowers that need access to cash fast. There are lenders who may have the means to get loans processed fast even instantly.

IAFC works with a variety of lenders who can possibly offer online payday loans. If your credit is poor and you have a financial emergency that requires you to get quick access to funds, IAFC’s lender-locator service will be immensely helpful for you. We cannot guarantee that the lenders our consumers will be paired with are going to offer no credit evaluation quick loans. Expect that when you get paired with a creditor, they’ll look into your financial standing more before making a decision.

No credit check payday loans – Payday Loan

There may be lenders that can offer you cash loans with no credit checks. These lenders can seem to be the perfect option when you’re strapped for cash and your credit is bad. However, Australian payday loans may not be the best option for you.

You can apply for a personal loan for bad credit borrowers as an alternative. While there’s a chance that they will check what your credit file says, it will not be the only thing they will take into consideration.

Consider IAFC

You can always consider IAFC’s lender-locator service. We make sure that the lenders we will pair you with are licensed and legitimate. They may conduct credit assessments as well. However, you can expect them to consider not only your credit rating when making a decision

Can I get a guaranteed bad credit loan?

No. There is no such thing as a loan with guaranteed approval.

Lenders will always need to determine first if the customer is qualified and suitable to get an advance. They will consider your employment status, how much you are earning, as well as your bank statements to determine whether the loan product you wish to apply for is suitable where your finances stand. Consumers are also advised to stay away from lenders that will offer any guaranteed approval.

If you need fast access to cash but are worried that you might not be credit-worthy, you have the choice to look for loans with no credit check. Compared to regular lenders that will base their decision mainly on your credit history, the creditors offering these loan instruments will assess your employment, bank statements and income when making a decision.

Guaranteed payday loans for Aussies – Apply for Payday

While personal loan applications will not be guaranteed for approval, we always aim to partner with lenders who are known for their high approval rating. Application for these loan products doesn’t cost anything. There’s no financial or other obligations too to accept the loan product or lender that is being paired to you.

Compiling your application will generally take us only a few minutes. We also aim to provide you with an outcome within the same timeframe— provided that you will send us the application during our regular working hours, in some instances lenders offer weekend payday loans

When applying for bad credit loans, some lenders may choose to carry out a credit assessment. However, they will also take into account the current state of your finances. Send us a loan application today and there’s a very good chance that we can have you paired with the ideal lender on the very same day.

The IAFC alternative to loans without credit checks

When you decide to apply for an IAFC loan, we will work hard to find you lenders that will offer loans for bad credit borrowers. This is why if you’re hoping to get away with a credit assessment, an online loan from IAFC will be a great alternative.

What’s even better is that the application can be easily completed in just a matter of minutes. Just submit the application online and we will do our best to locate the right lender that can best assist you. We will do the heavy lifting for you so all you have to do is send the application to use and we will sort through all the options available for you and find you the best one

Where can you find loans without credit checks?

You will usually need to submit an application with a cash lender online. You’ll also need to go to the physical office of the lender in order to fill out their application form. As part of the requirements, you may be asked to present payslips or bank statements as proof of income. Most of the people that sign up for payday lenders do so for easy and fast access to cash.

However, payday lenders may possibly provide you with microloans that usually come with short repayment terms. In addition, IAFC cannot guarantee about finding you a payday loan that will not involve a credit assessment. What we aim for though is to find you short term lenders that are reputable and responsible. The lenders may still decide to green-light the application even when your credit file isn’t exactly blemish-free.

We may not be able to find you online lenders that will offer instant cash advance with no credit checks, but with all our lender connections, we may get you connected to the right people.

What do I need to do to get a loan with no credit checks?

If you’re hoping to locate a lender that will offer a loan without a credit check, consider sending an application to IAFC. These lenders can be a great choice if your aim is to also get your credit record fixed and patched.

More importantly, these lenders are known to not just base their decision on your credit records alone. Rather, they would also consider the current state of your income, your expenses and even your spending habits.

IAFC is well aware of the pressure that present-day consumers are faced with. This is also why we aim to locate lenders that are willing to take a closer look at other facets of your financial state instead of just focusing solely on your credit rating. While we cannot guarantee that the loan will not involve a credit assessment, we will certainly do all within our powers to ensure that we can find you the right lender who can possibly extend to you the funds you wish to borrow.

IAFC’s network of the reputable credit providers may pave the way for you to successfully secure a loan amount of $300-$10,000! If you’re looking for a fast loan, send an application today with IAFC loans

For Personal Expense – How can I use the funds from my instant online loan?

Are you weighing in on the decision of whether to apply for a personal loan online or not? Are you worried that you might not have a credible enough reason to be granted credit? Fortunately, your online loan can be used for just about any personal expense.

You can also use the funds other than for emergency spending. Among these are:

Special occasions

Whether it’s birthdays or valentine’s day, or anything in between, you can use your personal loan to get the perfect gift. Whether you wish to do something special for you or for someone you care about and you need some extra funds to spend, instant cash loans may be something you want to consider applying for.


Your budget or the lack thereof shouldn’t stand in the way of you enjoying your favourite artists when they are in town. Fast money loans can be a great alternative if you need extra funds to help you purchase concert tickets ahead of time.

Vehicle repairs

Did your car break down and need some fixing? You wouldn’t need to wait for a long time before you can get it up and running again. Just avail of a quick cash loan to get your vehicle repaired in no time.


Need some extra funds to celebrate a loved one’s special day or your own? Flexible-term personal loans will allow you to celebrate in style while also enjoying the convenience of easily fitting in the repayments around your lifestyle.


Want to get your hands on the latest bargain buys? A personal loan might just be the best solution to quick and easy funds.

Case study: Josh’s car broke down

On his way to university, Josh’s car broke down. After checking with the mechanic, he learned that the bill to get the vehicle up and running again is $300.

As a student, he knows he definitely doesn’t have $300 lying around. Unfortunately, there’s also that issue about him defaulting on some of his credits the past year, which would definitely be reflected on his credit record. He knows that if he will apply for a regular loan, the chances of him getting approval are pretty slim.

Luckily, one of Josh’s friends told him about a lender-locator that he successfully used. Considering the positive experience of his friend, Josh decided to send in his application and he got paired with a creditor. His application got approved soon after and the funds he needed were transferred to his account right away. Before long Josh is driving his car again.

IAFC Loans

Understand that here at IAFC, we do not provide credit. Rather, we are a lender finder service so you get paired with the right lenders that are likely to approve you for the specific type of credit you are looking for. While there isn’t any way for us to guarantee that the lenders you’ll be paired with will not carry out a credit check, our commitment is to find you lenders who are known to offer bad credit loans.

We operate our services virtually which ensures that the application is exclusively online— paving the way for a convenient and fully paperwork-free experience. The application is quick enough that it can be complicated within just a matter of minutes. The process is fully automated, which helps speed things up.

Whenever you find yourself in situations where your budget is a bit stretched, our lender-locating service will be there to assist you. To get started, you can check out our loan calculator or just go straight to the application process by clicking “Apply Now”.

Credit Rating for Payday Loan – How to secure a loan with no credit checks

If a loan with no credit checks is what you’re looking for, then payday loan lenders might possibly assist you. There are a number of them online. Unfortunately, these types of lenders are known for their draconian repayment terms, which make them less than ideal.

For those instances when you’re not confident about the chances of getting a loan approval due to your credit score, consider sending your application via IAFC. We connect with lenders who can look beyond your bad credit rating and find ways to assess your overall creditworthiness more than your credit rating.

Bad Credit Instant Cash Loans

Can I still borrow money despite my bad credit?

If your credit file isn’t as impressive, a lender-locating service like IAFC is one good alternative to consider. We can potentially connect you with the right lender— one who doesn’t mind doing business with people whose credit records aren’t exactly spotless. Most of the lenders we pair our customers with can get the funds released within 24 hours or less from the time the loan is approved.

How do I find out if my credit is bad?

How you have behaved in the past as a borrower can be a good indicator of the current state of your credit record. It will also affect your chances of getting access to cash. A poor credit history may be reason enough for your borrowing options to get limited.

If you’ve tried applying for a loan via the traditional channels and methods and all you get is a resounding rejection, this is an indicator that your credit file may not be as impressive as you would prefer it to be. To avoid second-guessing, it is always best to get a copy of your credit records yourself.

There are several online providers that will give consumers access to their credit file. You can check out any of these resources to have a full picture of where your credit score stands.

What do the numbers on my credit report mean?

To assess your credit rating, your credit file is first assessed and evaluated so all the details it contains get condensed into numbers. This is what lenders will then use to determine how credit-worthy you are.

Your creditworthiness is your overall borrowing power. This is based on how you have behaved when you borrowed in the past and if you were able to make on-time repayments then or not.

How your credit is scored will depend on the specific credit agency you choose to use. Some lenders will use a scale between 0-1000 or 0-1200. The score is then broken down into credit bands namely: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average and Below Average.

The bands which your credit score belongs to will be interpreted by creditors as the chances of you defaulting on your repayments within a 12-month period, if and when they decide to offer you a loan. For instance, if you have scored excellent, then the chances of you experiencing an adverse event within the next year that might affect your capacity to pay back the money you are borrowing. An average credit rating, however, has a higher likelihood of this adverse event to occur which might mean you not getting your repayments done on time.

Among the likely adverse events that consumers may experience include court judgments, defaults, debt agreements and other similar situations.

What can cause a bad credit score?

Your credit file and credit score are nothing but reflections of how you have behaved in the past when you borrowed money and took out loans. So, if you have a poor rating plastered across your credit file, this is merely a reflection that your borrowing habits have not been excellent. You can expect your credit score to get dragged down when you have done the following:

  • Defaulted on loans
  • Missed your repayments
  • Gone through a debt agreement
  • Filed for bankruptcy

Check Your Rating – Is there anything I can do to improve my credit rating?

Since your credit score is a reflection of your borrowing behaviour, following ideal borrowing habits religiously and consistently can eventually make a difference in improving your credit score.

More importantly, there are certain actions you can carry out that will reflect positively on your credit score when done consistently. Among these are:

  • Bringing your credit card limit down.
  • Consolidating loans into a single debt.
  • Minimizing your new credit applications.
  • Making on-time repayments consistently.
  • Paying your bills, rent and other obligations on time.
  • Getting your credit card paid in full every month.

Who can apply for an IAFC loan?

IAFC Loans serves as a lender-locating platform that aims to help Aussies looking to get access to fast cash by pairing them with reliable and legitimate online sellers. Consumers are advised to first check the requisite list we require them to meet to find out if they are indeed eligible for the services we offer.

When applying, make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Be of legal age, no younger than 18 years old
  • An permanent resident or citizen
  • Earning a regular income for the last 3 months
  • Has an email address and working mobile number

Browse through our eligibility criteria to determine whether you qualify before clicking on the apply button. Unfortunately, not meeting our basic criteria means that IAFC will not be able to accept your application.

What do I need to do to apply for an IAFC loan?

IAFC has taken the necessary steps to keep the application process streamlined and straightforward. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to get your personal details filled in and submit the application.

See to it too that you have all the required information before sending in your application. Make sure that they are accurate, accessible and up to date too.

  • Your personal contact information including your email address and mobile number
  • Your reason for taking out a loan
  • Your online banking details
  • Your employment information
  • Your MyGov details

Also, having all the requirements and information you need accessible and ready will limit the time needed for you to complete the application process. You can send our team an email if you have questions regarding the IAFC application process.

IAFC’s alternative to loans with no credit checks

IAFC might possibly offer you alternative lenders who can offer you emergency loans for bad credit borrowers. Just make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply Online

Applications need to be processed online. This must be carried out using a device that will allow you to connect to the internet. Just launch the application from the IAFC website.

You can start the application by using the loan calculator. Determine which specific loan product you’re interested in and find out how much the repayments are going to be if you choose to do it every week, every two weeks or every month.

Do remember that the costs involved will be based on the specific lenders offering the credit. The costs displayed in the IAFC website are just for reference. If you are happy with the loan proposal, just click on Apply Now. You’ll be directed to the application page where you will need to fill out the Application form. Then click submit.

Step 2: We’ll do the work

Once we have secured your application, we will work towards finding the ideal lender for you. If the application is submitted, it will be processed on the next working day. After your application has been submitted, we’ll do the work to find the right lender for you— while you just wait and relax.

Step 3: Meet the lender

Once matched with a creditor, they will get your application assessed initially. If they can make an offer, then they will contact you.

Different lenders have their own steps when processing loans. In the event that you have questions regarding your loan, you can get in touch with them.

Once you have completed all the steps listed above, you are set. When you’re aiming to find bad credit loans as well as a lender without the usual headaches, IAFC will help you get matched with the right one. When ready, consider sending your application through the website.

Can I apply for a bad credit loan through IAFC?

Note that IAFC is not a lender. Instead, we are a lender-locating service. If you are paired with a creditor that can make you a loan offer they will get in touch with you.

In addition, if you require emergency funds for a small amount of $2000 or below, you may sign up for an unsecured loan. Repayment terms will vary per lender, but some may offer a 12-month term. Still, it will be up to the lender to determine what the repayment terms for your small loan are going to be.

Since small loans are generally unsecured, they make for a great alternative for consumers without any asset that need instant access to cash.

How much are the costs going to be?

As a lender-locating platform, we are unable to guarantee the interest rates of the loan you’ll be offered. Different lenders have their own procedures, processes and costs involved when offering their credit instruments to borrowers. So expect that there will be variations from one lender to the next.

In addition, the type of loan product you decide to accept wil have a direct effect on the costs involved. For instance, small loans will not cost the same as large loans.

Small Personal Loans

These are loans between $300 and $2000. They are unsecured.

Medium Personal Loans

These are secured loans with repayment terms ranging from 13-24 months. The loan amount could be between $2001 and $4600.

Large Personal Loans

With a repayment term between 13 and 24 months, the loanable amount could range from $5000-$10000.

Note that some lenders may require you to pay certain fees associated with the processing of the loan including on-going fees and establishment fees. This will be dependent on the loan product you are applying for and the lender offering them. Also, there are lenders that will subject you to dishonour fees for late repayments.

How are repayments determined?

Since IAFC isn’t a lender, we cannot provide you with specific details regarding the repayments of your loan. Every lender implements their own processes and IAFC isn’t privy to these details.

To give you a rough idea of how much the repayments are going to be, they are generally calculated by considering the following factors:

  • The principal amount of your loan
  • The interest rate
  • Any upfront fees you need to cover including establishment and application fees
  • On-going fees such as monthly or annual fees
  • Other charges that your repayment may incur in the course of the loan term as in the case of dishonour fees and penalties.

How much the lenders are going to charge for fees will generally vary. Being aware of the potential charges and fees you will likely be subjected for a particular loan is essential before stamping your signature on the contract.

My credit score is only 550, can I still apply for a personal loan?

Yes. Even a 550 credit score will still qualify you for a loan. Just to set your expectations accordingly, IAFC cannot promise any guarantee that your loan application gets approved. The lenders within our network have their own policies and processes to determine whether a borrower is worth the risk or not. What’s certain, however, is that a 550 credit score shouldn’t hamper your chances of getting approved for a loan.

There may be several reasons that will lead to your loan application getting rejected. However, just the mere fact that you only have 550 as a credit score shouldn’t; be enough basis for the disapproval of your loan application.

How do I obtain a quick loan?

Emergency expenses can put a lot of pressure on you, especially if you don’t have any extra cash you can easily get access to. Add to that a not so spotless credit record and that would certainly elevate your stress levels. For situations like these, the most viable solution would be to try out your luck with quick money loans.

IAFC is always happy to serve you during such trying times. Send us your application today and we will do what we can to get you paired with the right lenders that offer the ideal credit instruments appropriate for your present financial need.

The application process is streamlined, so you wouldn’t have to wait long for feedback. Once we receive your application, we’ll start digging through our network of partner lenders to find you the right match. What’s even better is that if you send us the application within our normal business hours, expect an outcome within an hour.

Once your application gets approved by the lender, note that how long it would take you to receive the funds will generally vary from lender to lender. In most cases, for loans of $300-$10,000, the funds may be accessible to your account on the very same day or the next working day.

Secure Finance – What is a bad credit payday loan?

For those instances when you’re not qualified to secure finance via a traditional loan, a payday lender for bad credits might possibly offer you a loan. These creditors generally offer small loans of up to $2000 for borrowers with rather dismal credit ratings.

However, IAFC will work hard to get you paired with creditors that offer personal loans. This type of loan is generally for a much higher amount compared to what payday loans offer and the repayment term tends to have more flexibility, which is more favourable to customers.

Low Income Loans No Credit Check

Does IAFC perform employment background checks and credit assessments?

No. IAFC acts only as a lender-locating service. We will not carry out any kind of assessment to evaluate whether you should be accorded a loan or not. It is the responsibility of the lenders that we will potentially pair you with to carry out employment and credit checks. What we do, however, is make sure that you’re paired with lenders that are going to look beyond what your credit file says. In most cases, they will take a closer inspection of where your finances currently stand to decide whether to lend you money or not.

We are also unable to guarantee that every lender paired with you will or will not get in touch with your employer to verify your employment status. The lenders we work with, however, are known for their professionalism. In addition, your less than impressive credit shouldn’t be reason enough for you to shy away from our service. We do our best to help our customers in their financial needs and we will always exert all efforts in getting you paired with the right lender despite your bad credit score.

Your Current Finances – Can IAFC find me loans with no credit checks?

While we don’t offer any guarantee that the lenders we will get you connected with will not perform any credit checks, we will do the best we can to find the exact lender that offers the specific credit instrument you need. This is why we are able to find loans that will give a chance for those borrowers with below average credit scores.

At IAFC, we know very well how life often throws a curveball which might affect your coffers every now and then. We also believe that past mistakes regarding your finances should affect your capacity to get access to emergency funds when you most need it. This is why we do our best to get you connected with the right lenders that will consider more than your credit score when determining whether they should green light your application or not.

If you’re desperate for loans with no credit checks, you can save yourself time and effort by lodging an application with IAFC. Our process is automated and streamlined so once your apparition has been submitted so you won’t have to manually find the right lender on your own.

What options do you offer for cash loans and Centrelink customers?

At IAFC Loans, we can help Centrelink customers get access to cash loans. If you are a Centrelink recipient and currently looking to avail of a personal loan, going to traditional lenders may not be a sound idea.

When you refer to IAFC, we might possibly pair you with lenders who will consider Centrelink like any regular income. In most cases, you’ll just need to prove that you have been a recipient for the last three months. Your being a Centrelink recipient shouldn’t hamper your chances of getting a loan, especially when there’s emergency cash need. We will be more than happy to help. You’re always welcome to lodge an application so we can start working towards finding you the best lenders that will be more than happy to offer cash loans to consumers who are recipients of government benefits.

Car or Boat Asset – What are secured personal loans? 

If you wish to take out a loan larger than $2000, security may be needed in order to get it approved. More commonly known as a secured loan, understanding what it is and the basic principles surrounding this particular credit instrument is essential.

A secured loan requires an asset or assets from the borrower to guarantee the loan. This could be a boat or a car— anything of significant value. As it stands, a borrower who can’t keep up with the repayment, the asset may be sold by the lender to help cover the losses. In the lending scene, this is referred to as repossession.

Since these are loans guaranteed by the borrower using their asset, lenders view them as less risky than unsecured ones. After all, the presence of an asset makes it possible for the lenders to recoup whatever they may stand to lose if a borrower is unable to repay the loan. This is also why most lenders would be more than happy to offer borrowers significantly larger loan amounts when they have an asset to show. The loan fees and interest rates tend to be more favourable in secured loans as well.

What if I default on my repayment for a secured loan?

If you fail to repay a secured loan, lenders have the option to repossess your asset, selling it to cover whatever money they have lost as a result of you not making your repayments as established in your loan agreement.

Repossession is generally the last resort among creditors. Every possible avenue needs to be exhausted first before creditors will resort to repossessing the asset used to guarantee the loan.

It is also reassuring that consumers are protected with certain laws in the event that they will default on a loan. For instance, creditors will only be legally permitted to carry out the repossession process if the following conditions have been met:

  • The borrower is already behind the repayment schedule
  • A default note has been provided to the borrower
  • The borrower is unable to pay whatever the overdue amount is, has failed to reach a resolution or has failed to also request postponement of the repossession.

Also, creditors aren’t authorised to take away your assets without first securing a court order if the amount you owe is lower than $10000 or is below 25% of the loan amount, whoever is less.

Why use IAFC?

Getting matched with potential creditors via IAFC is usually the easiest and most convenient way to secure the right loan from the right lender. However, there is more to referring to IAFC than just convenience. There are a number of reasons that our customers keep coming back to use to avail of our lender-locating service.

Below we list down some of them:

Speedy application process

If you are running out of funds and would need access to some extra money right away, just send your application to IAFC lender-locating service.

With our network of partner lenders that can potentially offer loans between $300 and $10000, IAFC will be your most reliable resource when you need quick access to instant cash.

Just note that if you will send your application to use beyond our business hours, it may take us the next working day to get you matched with the right lender.


When you’re in need of fast cash, having to wait for a long time before you can find out whether your application gets approved or not will just make the whole process even more stressful. IAFC has a streamlined and full automated process to ensure that you get matched with the right lenders quickly and efficiently.

Consumers are only required to provide us with their complete details as is set in our requirements when loading an application. Once the application is sent, it’s up to us to work on it right away to get you paired with the right lender fast.

We know how stressful unnecessary wait times are. So, apply now and we’ll get you paired with a potential lender fast.

Stress-free application process

Skip the queues, faxes, phone calls and the cumbersome paperwork. IAFC’s streamlined application process gets rid of all the unwanted stresses and gets you matched with a potential lender fast.

Consumers may even be able to get feedback regarding their application within minutes of sending it to us.

Easy repayments

If you decide to accept a lender’s offer and enter into a loan contract with them, you’ll need to take care of the repayments next. At IAFC, we can pair you with lenders that will offer flexibility and reasonable repayment terms. After you get approved for a loan, your preferred bank account then gets nominated for direct debit so the repayments can just be easily deducted off of your account without you having to do anything you won’t even need to set reminders just to make sure that you don’t forget a repayment schedule.

Data security

When you use IAFC to apply for loans, you can be assured that your personal details and information will be kept safe and secure at all times. We have even partnered with Comodo and McAfee on our bid to secure your details and keep them private and encrypted.

Reliable customer support

We aim to offer fast and efficient lender-locating service to Aussies in dire need of cash. Whilst our business may be operated 100% virtually, trust that our friendly team is always easily reachable to offer you support and assistance should you require it. If you have issues with your application or have questions, you can always reach us via our email at hello@iafc.com.au.

Just note that for after-hours application, your enquiry will be attended to on the next working day.

Responsible and legitimate lenders

We took the time to evaluate and assess the credibility, legitimacy and reliability of the lenders within our network. This is why, if you are paired with a creditor, you can trust these are responsible providers who will never offer you any product that they know is going to be beyond your capacity to repay.

We value transparency

Many people often complain about how loan applications can be so stressful especially when some lenders tend to keep them in the dark as far as the loan details go. At IAFC, you can trust that the loan contract your paired lender will extend to you will reflect everything from rates, charges, loan costs and other related loan expenses so you know exactly what to expect.

Ready to look for a lender stress-free?

When need of emergency cash, IAFC is your best bet at finding the right lender that will offer you a variety of personal loans. Whether you want to borrow money without any credit assessments, take out a loan for bad credit or get access to quick cash loans, trust that we will do what we can to get you funds you need.

Can IAFC provide financial advice?

No. As a lender-locating service, IAFC is not registered as a financial adviser. If you need some guidance regarding your current financial situation, always look for professional financial advisors that can help you figure out which test to take next.

You can also visit sites like Moneysmart for financial advice. This is especially true if you want to learn more about loans and how they work. They can even suggest alternative options for you. They can also help you differentiate between these options and how these differences can affect you if you decide to apply for any of these loans.

What should I do if I can’t pay my upcoming repayment?

If you think that you won’t have enough funds to cover your upcoming repayment, always take the time to get in touch with your lender. Most of these creditors will understand the situation and may even be able to offer you some extension. Always ensure to call no less than 24 hours of your due date to let the lenders know.

Steps on filing for hardship

Lenders worth their salt will never offer a loan contract when they feel that the borrower doesn’t really have the means to pay the money back. Still, financial situations can change quite easily and you may even find yourself no longer having the means to repay what you owe.

Thankfully, there are remedies out there for you.

If you ever get into situations that will prevent you from carrying out your financial obligation to your lender, you may file for hardship. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get in touch with your creditor’s hardship department.
  2. Provide them with the necessary evidence required such as medical certificate, bank statements, etc.
  3. Wait for the lender to assess the claim.
  4. If approved, your lender may offer an adjusted repayment term or a repayment holiday or even both.

When experiencing any financial hardship, you can always get in touch with a financial counsellor who can offer you some helpful advice. Get in touch with one for free by calling 1 800 007 007, Mondays to Fridays from 9:30am to 4:pm.

Get in touch with us!

If you’re ready to experience the ease and convenience of finding the right kinder with IAFC, just click Apply to get to our application page. Send in your application through our website today! Bad credit and unemployed consumers are more than welcome to apply online for alternatives to payday loans that benefits you.

For other questions about IAFZ’s lender-locating service, just connect with our customer service specialists at hello@iafc.com.au.