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Potential Alternatives For No Credit Check Instant Approval Payday Loans

When you hear instant approval loans with no credit check, you may want to know what they mean. It usually comes with lenders who offer these loan products giving their borrowers the promise to get their loans approved. 

They would be getting the funds they are borrowing transferred into their bank account immediately within an hour once they apply. And most times, they don’t have to do any credit assessment. 

It would be best to ask the question about the loans being legitimate enough to start with. You need to know that they are quite safe. That is why IAFC is helping you to work with the most legit and trusted lenders.  

Disclaimer: IAFC may not be able to assure you that the lender they will connect you with will conduct any credit assessment, or they will not. When assessing a loan application, some lenders may not consider credit checks. IAFC cannot say if a lender should conduct an assessment on the loan application or how they should do it.  

Credit Check Instant Approval Loans – What does it mean?

Bad credit Payday loans offer borrowers instant approval no very easy credit check, although they may sound as if they are very complicated. However, for you to understand this and all it offers, any individual who wants to borrow money is very important. This means will allow you to decide if taking such loans is good for you and your circumstance or not.   

Payday loans are usually small loans that are about $2000 or below, many times, they come with expensive costs, and they have a shorter repayment period. In a lot of cases, payday loans have a period of 16 days and 12months as the repayment term. Borrowers repay the loan borrowed using the direct debit structure. It also exists that borrowers get to repay the loan from automatic deduction from their monthly deposit.   

Moreover, when you say no credit checks, it means dealing with the fact that some lenders that give this loan usually may not require conducting any credit assessment. So they consider more than that to decide whether they would approve your loan application or they would decline. It is popular that creditors evaluate your credit history so they can tell if you are worthy of taking such credit.   

Also, instant approval loans exist for you to get quick loan application approval which you would get in minutes after submitting your application. Lenders may not do credit checks. Still, these cash loans are fast, and you get approval easily. Lenders use the least criteria for borrowing to attend to your application for instant approval.   

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Instant Approval & No Credit Check Payday Loans – History

About 20 years ago, small amount short-term loans were yet to be known in the country. By the late part of the ‘90s and the early parts of the ‘00s, credit unions and banks decided to minimise short-term lending offers. As a result, the market opened for other lenders that offer personal loans for smaller figures. Then, enter payday loans.

From then on, instant lending exploded in popularity and there has been a twenty-fold increase in the demand for this type of loan from 2004-2014. According to records, in 2012 alone, over 1 million Australians entered into contracts with small amount credit lenders. The charges and fees from 2012 alone amounted to $1 billion.

So, what led to the explosion of the number of consumers that are looking for short-term credit? The following factors are considered to be the reason:

  • Increase in income inequality
  • Consumers with low income having a hard time getting access to credit from traditional lending providers.
  • Decrease of full-time employment
  • The popularity of online lending

Instant Cash – Concerns Regarding No Credit Check & Instant Approval Payday Loans

You might be wondering why there seems to be a general distrust concerning payday loans. They are even advertised on the internet and the TV yet there seems to be a stigma concerning them.

Generally, when people look for payday lenders, they are generally looking for a quick and instant solution to whatever cash shortage they’re experiencing. This is especially true when their credit record is poor, lenders will not do a credit check, and they may think that their only option is these easy-access, instant-approval loans.

Most of the criticisms surrounding lenders offering cash advances are due to the following reasons:

  • Hefty interest rates
  • Unfavourable repayment terms
  • Less than upfront charges and fees
  • Targets borrowers that aren’t very financially savvy

These alone will tell you that despite how these loan products are designed to offer an easy fix to a borrower’s financial dilemma, it might end up leaving them worse off than when they started. The rate of interest may vary from one lender to another, but a lot of them have high-interest rates. A lot of people will have difficulty paying these exuberant rates.

Bad Credit & Credit Score – Upside to No Credit Check & Cash Loans

Whilst this type of loan isn’t exactly known for its outstanding perception among the general borrowing public, it does come with certain upsides and play an important role in the credit scene.

Not every Australian can easily get access to credit when they need to. For those instances when borrowers can’t get access to instant money via the traditional route, payday lenders are there to fill that gap.

There are even studies that show how low income borrowers tend to not get access to traditional credit opportunities. Also, about 60% of borrowers tend to suffer from bad credit ratings.

Lenders offering no credit check instant approval payday loans usually get the flak and it’s quite easy to heap criticisms over their rather unscrupulous business practices. However, it is a fact that they serve a certain purpose in a way. After all, if you are in desperate need for instant cash and you can’t seem to get access to emergency funds via the traditional route, a payday loan may be an option you’ll want to look into.

Issues regarding quick and guaranteed approval loans

You need to be wary of lenders promising to approve your loan regardless of what your circumstances may be.

The reason they may be able to promise these to potential borrowers is because they‘re potentially not conducting proper inquiry on how suitable an Emergency cash loan product is for you. This is a practice in violation of the provisions outlined in the 2009 national Consumer Credit Protection Act.

The act is specifically designed to provide potential borrowers protection against signing up for a loan that they won’t have the means to pay back. This ensures too that creditors won’t just end up offering customers a loan product that they will have no ability to pay back.

According to the law, credit providers must carry out the following:

1. Ensure that proper inquiries are carried out on the financial situation of the borrower along with their specific objectives for taking out a loan.
2. Ensure that steps are taken to ensure that the borrower’s financial situation is effectively verified ahead of time.
3. Ensure that preliminary assessments are carried out on whether a credit contract is right for the borrower or not.

If you wish to find out more, you can check out the ASIC’s website and download the regulatory guide for consumers from there.

I’m a Centrelink recipient but I don’t want to apply for a no credit check instant payday loans with instant approval

Are you getting government benefit but need access to credit?

You’ll likely feel that the only option for you to get access to cash is to sign up for a no credit check instant approval payday loans. This is especially true when your credit score is a bit dismal as well.

However, you’ll find that there may still be other available credit options for you despite being a low-income earner.

Below are some options you should consider looking into.

No Credit Check Short Term Loans

Advance Payment for Centrelink

If you’re getting certain payments from Centrelink, it may be possible for you to obtain advanced Centrelink loan. This is a setup where you get your benefits in advance that you will then repay using your future pay-out, often in 13 instalments, what’s best about this is that it is interest-free.

Remember that not every  recipient will qualify for a Centrelink Payday Loan. You can check with the Department of Human Services or DHS to find out which recipients are eligible.

In the event that you do qualify, you can just get the applications submitted online. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Sign in to your myGov account and go to Centrelink
2. Look for the Apply for Advance option
3. Centrelink should let you know whether you are qualified to do so or not. You can then click on Get Started if you are eligible.
4. The steps will be enumerated afterwards, so just follow the prompts.
5. Once done, click submit to send out the application
6. A receipt will be sent to you once the application has been successfully submitted

NILS or No Interest Loan Scheme

This interest-free loan is set up to help families and individuals on low income to get credit access. Over 178 organisations offer these services across 600 locations in the country.

These loans are meant to help the borrower cover essential services and goods, which could include:

  • Household items such as washing machines, fridge, stoves and white goods
  • Dental and medical services
  • Education essentials including textbooks and computers
  • Other requested items

In order to qualify for the loan, you will first need to earn no more than $45000 annually, after the tax has been taken out of the figures. You can qualify too if you have a Pension Card or a Health Care Card.

Also, you must be:

  • Residing where you are for no less than 3 months
  • Willing and capable to get the loan repaid

Alternative Loans – Are there alternatives I can consider for no credit check instant approval payday loans?


Everybody loves the convenience of getting easy access to instant cash loans with approval guaranteed. But if the negatives attached to payday loans don’t seem to be worth it for you, an online personal loan maybe something you’ll want to look into.

Lenders that offer personal loans tend to be more forgiving with their repayment terms compared to small payday loan creditors.

Unfortunately, whilst it’s a good thing that there are tons of options available for you online, sorting through these choices to find the best one can be quite time-consuming. Thankfully, there is a way for you to find a top-quality lender that can offer fast cash loans.

Introducing IAFC Loans

We are IFAC and what we do is scan through the myriad of loan products that are offered by the lenders we are partnered with in an attempt to get you matched and paired with the right lender. What’s really good is that it is totally free.

We are an Australian company for Australians and run by Australians. This is why we have decided to make it our sole mission to extend a hand to as many Australians as we can and ensure that they will be given the chance to get access to credible lenders. IAFC could help pair you with a lender that can extend to you a personal loan.

If you’re looking for a personal loan between $300 and $1000, IAFC may be able to locate the right lender for you. 

Instant Lender Finder – What’s the easiest loan I should apply for when I have bad credit?

It’s not easy to answer this question especially since every borrower has his own unique circumstances. The right loan for one borrower may not necessarily work for another. In addition, it is hard to determine which loan would be ideal for any bad credit borrower.

We can assure you, however, that with IAFC lender finder service, finding a personal lender that can assist you may be easier and quicker too.

Our online form is easy enough to fill out and provided that you send your application within business hours, you might even get an outcome for the application within just a few minutes. Once we have paired you with a lender, they will just get in touch with you.

Check Your Credit – Is it possible for IAFC to find a no credit check loan for me?

As a lender finder service, IAFC will not be able to guarantee whether the lender we will end up pairing you with is going to carry out a credit assessment or not.

We work with partner lenders that are known for being understanding of the circumstances of our borrowers and will look more than just at their credit scores.

If they do decide to carry out a credit assessment, they will see to it that other factors will be taken into account. For instance, they might want to ensure that your current financial standing is also taken into consideration. Make sure that your finance are all in order.

How do we do this? At IAFC, we use top of the art banking technology to successfully assess your bank statements. This then gets passed to potential lenders and it would be up to them to delve more into your application and your other details to decide whether in your current financial standing it would be ideal for them to take the risk and offer you a loan contract.

Finally, if lenders can see that you have been getting a regular income for the past 3 months and your credit history shows that you have been responsible for making your repayments on time then despite your bad credit, you may still be up for approval.

No Credit Check Cash Loans

Payday & Alternative Loan – I need money fast but my credit is bad

Need money quick but your credit score is a bit dismal? At IAFC, we have designed our lender finder service is designed to be quick and easy with the processes streamlined to ensure your convenience.

After having filled out the online form, our system will take care of scanning the hundreds of loan products & payday loan alternatives from our partner lenders to find one that will be suitable for you and your present financial need. We will then let you know if we can locate a lender that matches you and your loan needs.

Once a lender offers you a contract, all your future dealings will be directly with that lender. They will also perform an assessment to determine whether they should approve your application or not. Once everything is in order, they will offer you a loan contract and it’s up to you to decide whether to accept it or not.

Once you agree with the contract, your lender then sends the funds. How long this would get transferred to you will depend on your bank although it is expected that you should get the funds on the same day as it is approved with the latest being on the next working day.

Can IAFC help me?

When looking for no credit check payday loans with instant approval, consider using IAFC’s lender finder service.

Instead of looking for a payday lender to get your cash shortage covered, use our lender locator platform instead.

Even with your bad credit, IAFC may still get you paired with a lender that can offer a personal loan for bad credit borrowers.

We even work with lenders that can potentially offer three personal loan categories.

Note that the loan terms can vary depending on the specific lender you’ll be paired with.

Bear in mind that personal loans for small amounts are generally unsecured ones which makes it easier on your part, especially if you don’t really have any assets you can use for security.

Personal loans that are medium to large will likely require collateral. So, assets like a motorbike, car, boat, or caravan can be used for this purpose.

Do note that if you’re going to use a vehicle as collateral, you must first need to be its registered owner otherwise, the lenders will not accept it.

IAFC’s lender locator service vs. no credit check instant approval payday loans

We find credible lenders online fast and easy.

As a result, thousands of Aussies have been using our lender locator service to help them find the best loans for their needs. Even despite not having a job at present, we can do what we can to help you out.

Below are some of the things you can expect from us if you will decide to use our lender finder service.

We work fast

We take our job seriously and we see to it that you get the assistance that you need in no time.

If you’re going to send in your application within our business hours, you may even get a result within just a few minutes.

We only work with the best

We only work with credible lenders and have a network of them that only offer quality products.

You can also trust that we’ll never pair you with any lender that offers any guaranteed approval.

We will provide you with choices

Having the means to locate lenders that can offer you loans between $300 and $10000 makes it possible for our customers to have more choices. Also, we work with lenders that can offer both unsecured and secured personal loans.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, IAFC is here to help.

We’re 100% free

IAFC’s service is free 100%. It doesn’t matter if we can successfully find you a lender or not, there won’t be any fees for you to pay.

We’re flexible

You can use personal loans to pay for a variety of expenses. From travel expenses, rental bonds, car repairs or holiday costs, you can easily use a personal loan to cover them.

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