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When you hear No credit check buy now pay later, though it may be becoming quite a popular way of buying products without paying for the costs upfront. However, you need to know what is involved in the agreement that you should keep in mind before you opt-in for one. That is why IAFC is working to give you clarity in the process, giving you all the essential information.   

You should note that some products and ideas that appeared in this article may not be among the services that are offered by IAFC and the lenders that we have in our network. This article will only present general details. You should seek professional help from us concerning all issues on taxation, legal, financial, and every other area where you may need advice. This will help you to determine the relation of all information that we provide to your circumstances specifically. 

Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check 

Although it may sound complicated when you first hear about buying now pay later no credit check, we have to make sure that it is easy for you to understand it.  

 It is also known as interest-free finance. We have buy now and pay later option. The cost of this purchase will be split into more than one repayment which has to be paid within a set period without being charged with any interest rate. Several online credit services provide this option currently and they are Afterpay and AirPay.    

 Using the term no credit check simply refers to that signing up for these services does not require any hard credit assessment on your credit history. Be certain to sign up for these services, there will be no hard credit inquiries that will be conducted on your credit records. Some providers carry out light credit checks on your application just to measure the accuracy of your details during registration before they stamp in their approval. Lastly, it depends on your credit provider and their exact loan application process.  

Read about IAFC’s guide on interest-free finance.

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AfterPay – No credit check buy now pay later instant approval

You may sign up for an interest-free finance minus the credit check and with instant approval. This generally refers to service providers that will just get the application approved automatically without carrying out a credit inquiry.

For instance, there is Afterpay.

When signing up, you have to:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a working contact number and active email address
  • Have an active Australian debit or credit card

Also, if you meet all of these conditions, Afterpay will instantly get your application approved even without carrying out a credit assessment.

Pay Later Services – No credit check buy now pay later for mobile phones

Buy now, pay later, schemes may be available for a myriad of products these days, mobile phones included. With these interest-free finance schemes, you can easily buy a new phone without having to deal with upfront costs.

In addition, there are several telecommunication providers and technology retailers that will be happy to work with providers that offer this buy now pay later scheme. If you’re interested in purchasing a mobile phone without having to deal with interest rates and upfront costs, you may consider the following companies:

  • Catch.com.au
  • Officeworks
  • The Good Guys
  • Big W
  • Kogan

You do want to carry out enough research to ensure that you’ll find the right choice.

No credit check buy now pay later for furniture

You want to go shopping and have you been wanting to get a new couch, an outdoor setting, tv, or tv stand, or a dining table? You can easily get what you need via interest-free financing as what services like Afterpay offers.

A number of leading furniture retailers in Australia are in partnership with these interest-free providers, making it possible for you to get the costs of the purchaser spread out over several months, so paying it will be easy enough to do. It doesn’t come with any interest fees, so all your redecorating ideas will be possible now without the upfront costs and the usual interest rates.

If furniture pieces are what you’re aiming for, you can choose to buy from these retailers:

  • Bed Bath N’Table
  • Fantastic Furniture
  • Sheridan
  • Pillow Talk

Will a no credit check buy now pay later service affect my credit store?

When you purchase something via the buy now pay later scheme, it’s common for a credit inquiry to be carried out, generally, it will just be a soft inquiry though. This means that the inquiry is not going to hurt your score in any way, unlike what would happen if it was a hard credit inquiry.

Note that if you miss payment for a no credit check buy now pay later, it may still be reported to the credit bureaus and could affect your credit score in the process.

In addition, it may also affect the chances of you securing a mortgage in the future if you aren’t; careful. After all, home loan creditors will consider your spending habits when deciding whether to grant you an Emergency cash loan or not.

No deposit buy now pay later

With a no credit check buy now pay later arrangement, there won’t be upfront costs for you to cover. This allows you to get the item you wish to purchase right then and there without having to pay any deposit— which makes it really ideal for a lot of buyers.

This doesn’t get rid of the costs. Rather, this will allow you to cover the costs later on and at a much easier setup too since the costs will be divided into several parts that you can then pay off in the next several months.

Buy now pay later mobile apps

As far as interest-free payment setups go, you’ll always have a number of options to look into. There is a large and highly competitive market in the country that offers such services which makes it easier to find one that is appropriate for your purchasing needs.

To make it easier for you, we have outlined some of the major brands in the business and the way they operate. Below are some of them:


With over 15,000 stores, they are considered the market leader in interest-free payment schemes.
Zip Pay: Consumers using this service will have to limit their purchases to $1000 and will also be expected to make a monthly minimum repayment of $40.


You have the option to make the purchase in-store or online. Purchases can be as high as $30000 with the repayment terms lasting up to 60 months.


You’ll be required to make payments fortnightly for purchases of up to $10000. Finance options can also be extended for up to 12 months.

Buy now pay later in stores

There has been an explosion of retailers in the country that offer the buy now pay later scheme. The numbers are growing even higher every day. Afterpay alone allows you to make purchases at over 15000 brands.

In addition, there is an extensive list of products that can be used for this purpose. Whether it’s a Kmart order or a Jetstar flight, it is more than doable with interest-free payment schemes. It doesn’t even matter what kind of purchase you’re hoping to make, there’s likely going to be a buy now pay later option available out there for you.

Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check

Are there other alternatives to Afterpay?


If you feel that Afterpay doesn’t work for you, you can take advantage of other interest-free payment alternatives instead. For instance:


It works just like Afterpay, however, the item you wish to buy will not be received until such time as you have finished paying it off. The purchase is generally divided into several flexible installments that will be made over several weeks of months, depending on how much the purchase price is. What’s great is that these purchases still don’t come with any interest fees.

This is but a short outline of what the service includes. You can always communicate directly with the retailer if you want to know more about their requirements and details.

No interest loan schemes

Also referred to as NILS, this community and government-based initiative is aimed at helping people with low income to get access to affordable credit. Whilst the option may be limited, it could be ideal for low-income earners that need a bit of a helping hand.


If you happen to have the needed cash in your account, you can just make the purchase outright instead. There wouldn’t be any need for you to worry about late fees, interests and repayments soon after.

In the event that you don’t have enough cash for what you currently require, you can just set a savings goal and take the time to work on it until you get the actual amount you need. You want to hold out on purchasing the product until such time as your goal has been achieved. You can also use this savings goal calculator provided by Moneysmart if you need help.

No Interest? – Benefits of no credit check buy now pay later

There are a ton of positives that make the scheme quite attractive to buyers. What’s even better is that with these schemes, signing up is easy and will only take a few minutes to be all set. Also, a number of online retailers have streamlined their processes to make it easy for you to get the purchases done using the buy now pay later scheme through your Afterpay account. It’s that simple.

The purchase won’t get charged any interest too so that’s less burden for you. This makes them a considerably cheaper alternative to using credit cards when you shop or taking out a loan.

There’s also the upside of being able to take home the item without having to cover any upfront costs. You won’t need to pay a deposit as well.

Drawbacks of no credit check buy now pay later

These interest-free payment services seem like a very ideal means to purchase the items you need without the upfront costs and the interest. There are a number of potential issues that you need to consider, however, before using this option. For instance:

You can outspend your budget

Without any upfront costs involved, it can be very easy to overspend when using these schemes. After all, it would be easy enough for you to buy a number of items all at once without ever needing to get money out of your account. This might not seem a problem at first but the moment that it’s time for you to make the payments, you might realize that you ended up buying way more than what you can really afford to pay back.

This is why if you decide to use this scheme, it’s important to track your spending. Take note of all your purchases and see to it that you remember the relevant dates for the repayments and how much exactly you’re supposed to make. Make sure to set a budget and stick to it no matter what. It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting some of your repayments put off, so don’t fall for it.

There may be late charges and fees

Whilst there aren’t any upfront charges for buy now pay later schemes, there are possible fees that may be associated with the purchase and you need to be aware of what these are. If there are late repayments, a late fee is often going to be charged. The fees can also add up quite quickly so you need to keep up. Whilst most of the repayments tend to get done via direct debit, see to it that you know what the exact figures are, as well as the specific dates you’re supposed to make them.

If you wish to use Afterpay, safeguards are put in place to prevent you from ending up with debt issues. For instance, you may not be allowed to make purchases using the same method if you end up missing a repayment.

Getting a refund may not be that easy

Whilst it is possible to secure a refund, the process isn’t only tricky, it can be quite lengthy too. Generally, it will go like this:

You’ll have to ensure first that it is possible to return the item based on what the terms and condition states. The item will then need to be returned to the retailer whose responsibility is to get the refund processed to Afterpay. Once this is done, Afterpay will then process the refund back to you.

This may seem simple at first but due to the return policies and other technicalities involved in the process, it is easy for the amount to be held up. This can lead to a lot of headache. This is why you must always make sure that you truly love the product before deciding if you ever wish to complete the purchase.

Ability to Secure Loans – Your ability to get future access to credit might get reduced

Credit providers might view your buy now pay later transactions to ascertain how good and reliable a borrower you are. If they see that there have been repayments you have missed this might not reflect very well on you. Since this can be recorded on your credit records, this might affect your ability to secure a loan or other types of credits in the future.

Does IAFC offer buy now pay later financing?

No. Unfortunately, buy now pay later setups are not something we can help you with at IAFC. If you wish to sign up for these services, you’ll need to register at organisations like Afterpay and ZipPay. On the other hand, IAFC is a lender-locator service aimed at Aussies that need some assistance concerning their personal finance and are looking for potential lenders online.

Note that personal loans, unlike no credit check buy now pay later will be charged with interest rates and other charges and fees.

No Credit Check Loans

How much am I allowed to borrow if I take out a personal loan?

At IAFC, we work with a network of lenders that can possibly offer loans between $300 and $10000. These funds can also be used to pay for a variety of expenses.

Considering the wide range of cash amounts available out there, loans may be differentiated under certain categories. Loan features tend to vary and understanding what specific product you must be applying for is essential before making a decision.

In addition, repayments tend to vary from one lender to another.

Can I apply with IAFC?

Before applying with IAFC, you will need to get certain boxes checked first. For instance, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia
  • Have an active email address and mobile phone number
  • Have an online bank account and can show a transaction suitor of at least 90 days.

If you meet all of these criteria then you can easily apply at IAFC. Just note that meeting all of these criteria will not be enough reason for you to get approved, once you get paired with a lender, it will be up to them to assess how suitable you are for their credit offer. Only when they will find you creditworthy enough will they proceed with making a loan contract offer.

How do I apply for a loan?

If you’re found to be eligible, just follow these steps to lodge an application on the IAFC website:

1. Use the loan slider to select how much you wish to borrow and what your preferred repayment terms are.

2. Put in the required financial and personal details and click on submit.

3. Wait for our automated system to get you paired with a lender who will be more than happy to get your application assessed.

4. We will get in touch with you concerning the outcome. Once a lender is found, they will contact you directly to commence the assessment process.

No Credit? – No credit check buy now pay later schemes and IAFC

Unfortunately, IAFC doesn’t offer this type of financing scheme. But if you’re looking for bad credit payday loans, we will be more than happy to help. Our lender locator service can help get you cash loans from $300-$10000.

All you really have to do is launch a single application from the platform. The process is online 100% and there will be no unnecessary paperwork needed.

Once you’re ready to apply, just scroll up and get the application process started. If you have any questions, our customer service will gladly help you.