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Guaranteed Cash vs Instant Cash – Guaranteed approval vs instant approval

Loans that are assessed at fast speed are usually considered instant loans. This is because the application was processed so fast that the lenders might be able to provide you with the outcome so quick that it would feel instant.

Meanwhile, guaranteed approval loans have lenders promising you that the application will be approved no matter what your circumstances are. This means that even when you have a poor credit or unemployed or cannot afford the repayments, it will still be approved.

Borrowers are advised to be wary of lenders that offer guaranteed approval. Lenders worth their salt and are operating legitimately would never promise any guaranteed approval.

Problems with loans offering guaranteed approval

Lenders that offer guaranteed approval loans are generally considered to be less than reputable. The reason for this is because technically, offering these types of loans is considered illegal.

The law mandates businesses issued with a credit license to adhere to responsible lending practices that the 2009 National Consumer Credit Protection Act, Chapter 3 presents.

This obligation is aimed towards providing protection to consumers from entering into loan agreements and contracts that will put them in an even more disadvantaged position than when they first started. This is why creditors are required to carry out the following steps:

  1.   Make inquiries in the financial state of a consumer and determine what their objectives and requirements are.
  2.   Take steps in verifying the financial situation of every consumer.
  3.   Carry out preliminary assessments to determine whether the loan contract is not going to disadvantage the consumer even further, from the information they have gathered.

This is why lenders that offer guaranteed approval for the loans they have available are dodgy since they may not be conducting proper assessment of a consumer’s application. There is no way they can offer guaranteed approval on loans that have not even been properly assessed to be suitable for the borrower.

To get access to the regulatory guidelines, you can check out the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website.

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I need cash quick – How can I get Instant Approval Online Loan?

Processing time for loan applications can vary significantly from one lender to another so it is hard to determine how you can get access to loans with instant approval.

There are a few things that you can do though that might help hasten the processing time of your loan application.

  • Submit your application during business hours: Lenders will generally have their assessment team that will assess applications manually and they tend to only do so during business hours. This is why applications sent outside business may only be assessed on the next business day. Applying within the normal operating hours will ensure that your application will be processed right away.
  • Ensure accurate information: It’s crucial that you’ll only supply your application form with accurate information. Putting in incorrect or incomplete information can unnecessarily stall the processing of the application since the lenders will have to wait for the correct details before they can get the wheels running once again.
  • Avoid sending applications on weekends: Whilst there may be lenders that can get applications processed and approved on weekends, you may still have to wait until the next business day to receive your funds. The reason for this is that fund transfers are dependent on the transfer times of your bank and banks generally operate on business hours only.

Cash Loans for Personal Use – What’s the quickest means to secure a loan?

The reason online personal loan tend to be very popular among borrowers is due to how they offer convenient and quick access to cash.

IAFC may be able to connect you with lenders that can get your loan application processed fast. If you’re successful, you can even get the loan approved in just a matter of a few minutes. The loan funds can then be transferred to your account on the same day it was approved and you have signed the loan agreement.

Banks, on the other hand, are going to take way longer. Generally, it will take them several days to process an application, assess it and approve it. On top of that, you may also have to endure having to fill out pages after pages of paperwork.

If you’re looking for loans with instant approval, IAFC might be able to help. More specifically, we may be able to find a lender that can help you.

Cash loans explained

Cash loans, as the name implies, are loans which you can use to spend for almost anything and everything just like you would with cash. 

Borrowed from lenders, a cash loan is repaid over a specific period which the consumer and the lender agree on together. How much you will be allowed to borrow will be up to the lender to assess.

At IAFC, we work with a network of lenders that are able to offer cash loans of $300-$10000.

How does an online cash loan work?

Cash loans aren’t that much different from other kinds of loans. All you have to do is determine who much money you need and make sure that you can provide the lenders with all the necessary documentation and evidence they require. You may also need to provide them with at least the last 90 days of your bank statements.

Once submitted, the application will be assessed by the lender. Once they determine that you meet their criteria, they will then send you a loan contract. It’s important that you will take the time to read the loan agreement carefully. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions involved and only affix your signature when you are happy with everything stated therein. Once you send in the loan contract with your approval, the lender will work towards getting the funds transferred to you right away. 

Also, it’s common for loans instant approval Australia to be repaid through a direct debit that will be setup on your preferred bank account.

As a borrower, it’s important to carefully weigh in on what really matters to you. Moreover, if you’re in need of online instant approval loans, IAFC’s lender locator service may be able to help you.

The Right Lender – How do I use IAFC’s lender locator service?

IAFC’s lender locator service can help pair you with lenders in just a matter of minutes from the time you have submitted an application. This is dependent on when you applied though, as applications sent outside of our normal business hours may get paired with a lender on the next business day. IAFC helps make loan applications hassle and stress-free by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Here are the things that we do to help locate a lender that can potentially offer you a loan.


Scroll up right to the top of the page where you can see the loan calculator. Then, select the specific amount you’re interested in borrowing along with your preferred repayment term. This should then give you an idea of what the repayments are going to look like if you choose to pay monthly, fortnightly or weekly. If you’re happy with the numbers you are seeing, just click on “Apply Now”.

Once you get to the application form, just make sure to enter your information accurately then submit it.

***Note that the numbers shown to you by the loan calculator will likely not be the actual numbers you will get once you are paired with a lender. Treat it as a guide to give you an idea of what the likely payments are going to be but expect that the actual figures may vary.


Once the application has been submitted, we will get the work done, our top-notch modern automated system will scan the hundreds of loan products offered by the lenders in our network. Our goal is to get you paired with the right lender who can potentially offer you the right loan suitable to your current financial circumstances.

We should be able to let you know very soon after if we have successfully paired you with a lender— usually, within 60 minutes from the time you have lodged the application. Expect communication from us via email or text, so don’t forget to check on your notifications.

Meet your lender

If we get you paired with a lender, they will get in touch with you. They will let you know if they can offer you a loan contract after shaving assessed your application. It is usually at this stage when they will send you a digital loan agreement that you can then read over before signing.

Remember to read the contract carefully. Only give your approval once you have carefully read through the terms and conditions, understood everything and you are happy with the details. Lastly, after giving your approval, the lender will then process the transfer of the loan funds to your account. Do note that in some cases, it may take until the next business day for the funds to be transferred to your account.  

IAFC makes locating a lender so much easier. This is why if you’re ever looking for potential loans you can avail of, IAFC just might be your new best friend.

Can I qualify for instant approval online loans?

Whilst it is our goal to help consumers find the right lender that can assist them with their financial needs, it’s important to remember that there are specific criteria that need to be met by potential borrowers before they can take advantage of the IAFC lender locator service. These are:

  • a regular You’re no younger than 18 years old
  • You’re a permanent resident of or a citizen of Australia
  • You have an active email address and mobile number
  • You’ve been receiving income in your bank account for no less than 90 days.

Loans Instant Approval Australia – Where are instant approval online loans found?


While we do not offer these loans per se, as a lender locator, IAFC can help you find the right lender offering such loans. Whilst we cannot guarantee what policies a lender you will be paired with is going to have, we can at least ensure that the lenders we are in partnership with happen to share our very same philosophy and commitment.

This means that we may be able to locate a potential lender for you who can offer to you loans meant for borrowers with less than a spotless credit record. This is because our partner lenders are known to look at more than just your credit record when making a decision. Instead, they will be more than happy to instead assess your current relationship with money to decide whether to lend you money or not.

If you have been looking for instant approval online loans for bad credit borrowers, consider IAFC. We may just be the ideal lender locator you will want to rely on every time.

Get Cash in an Instant – What happens if I’m looking for loans with no credit checks?

Bad Credit Online Loans

If your credit is bad or if you’ve had financial cough-ups in the past, it is easy to feel as if you’re running out of options. This may cause you to search on the web for loans that promise no credit assessments. If you ever find yourself checking out the internet for instant approval no credit check online loans, IAFC may be able to help.

IAFC, however, cannot offer any guarantee whether the lender you’ll be paired with is going to carry out a credit assessment or not. Still, we may be able to successfully get you paired with lenders that will still approve your application despite your credit score.

Our lender partners may still consider approving your loan application despite the credit assessment they will carry out.

How can I get a loan with credit assessments?

There are online lenders that can offer you instant cash loans without any credit assessments. However, it is important to note that loans without any credit assessments are generally those offered by payday lenders. You need to check your finance to know your financial situation better. 

Payday lenders are often known for their high rate and rather exorbitant fees. Also, payday loans are known for their very inflexible and short repayments terms with most offering only 4 weeks!

This can mean repayments that are rather expensive, making it even more difficult for the borrower to manage his loan obligations. Due to this inflexibility in the way that repayment terms are set up, payday lenders may cause you to end up being worse off than when you first decided to seek out their assistance.

What may have started as just a simple and quick temporary fix to an emergency cash need can easily become a financial nightmare if you’re not careful with payday loans.

This is the reason that IAFC doesn’t work with payday lenders. Instead, we will do what we can to locate a lender that will offer you instant approval online perusal loans instead.

Personal loans vs Payday Loans

Both payday loans and personal loans are under ASIC or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. However, the two have certain differences that set them apart.

For instance, payday loans tend to have a very short repayment period, usually just 4 weeks. Payday loans have also been known for their uncharacteristically hefty fees and charges.

Meanwhile, personal loan tend to offer more flexible repayment terms, often lasting several months to make it easier for the borrower to manage the repayments in the process.

I’m unemployed— can I still apply for instant approval online loans?

You can still send in an application via IAFC.

We are in partnership with lenders who will be able to consider your Centrelink benefits payments as an income source. Provided that you are receiving regular benefits every month and for at least the last 90 days at the time of your loan application, these lenders may still consider your application for approval.

If the lender can see that based on your Centrelink payments minus your expenses, the repayment for the loan you wish to apply for is still more than doable, then the loan may still be approved.

Note, however, that the final arbiter is always the lender. IAFC cannot guarantee that any loan application will get instant approval, especially for unemployed borrowers.

24/7 cash access for borrowers with bad credit

One of the best things about IAFC being 100% online is that we are open all the time.

It doesn’t matter the time of the day or day of the week, you can easily send in your application through our website.

Note though that you may not be paired with a lender until the next working day. this is especially true for those instances where you have sent an application beyond the normal business hours. This is because most lenders tend to operate the regular nine to five schedule and may not be able to attend to your application until the next working day.

Where do I get a bad credit loan for $2000?

IAFC, through our network of lender partners, will always know which of these lenders can possibly help.

We also know which among the lenders in our network would be more than happy to offer you loans for bad credit of up to $2000.

When you borrow money within the $300-$2000 range, it will be considered an unsecured loan. This means that you won’t be asked by the lenders to present an asset for collateral when seeking out approval.

If you need access to money fast, an unsecured loan is always the best bet. If you don’t have a car, boat, caravan, motorbike or other vehicle under your name, then this can be a great hassle-free option.

Need an online lender that offers instant approval loans? IAFC may be able to locate a lender who can help. We can get you paired with lenders that offer loans between $300 and $10000.

How much am I allowed to borrow?

IAFC works with lenders that offer a wide assortment of credit instruments and products. It doesn’t matter what kinds of expenses you need covered, IAFC can potentially help.

We work with lenders that can offer small, medium and large online loan.

Small instant approval online loans. This generally ranges from $300-$2000. These types of loans are often repaid within a period of 12 months and won’t need any collateral since they are unsecured. There isn’t any need for you to attach an asset to the application as a form of security.

Medium instant approval online loans. This usually ranges between $2100 and $4600. Loans of this amount will usually have a repayment period of 13-24 months. They are secured loans which will require you to attach an asset as a form of loan security when sending in an application.

Large instant approval online loans. This can range from $5000 to $10000. Just like medium loans, large loans will require an asset to be attached with the application as a form of security. In addition, these types of loans tend to have a repayment period of 13-24 months.

IAFC may be able to get you paired with lenders that will offer the right credit instrument that is ideal for you. This is why, next time you decide to look for instant approval Australia, consider taking advantage of IAFC’s lender locator service.

Instant Cash Payday Loans

Can I get online instant approval online loans within 1 hour?

We’ve all experienced getting a bit short on the budget at some point. One minute you seem to be on top of your finances and then next you find yourself having a hard time getting both ends to meet.

It could be an unexpected bill such as electric bill, payment for your card, or any emergency expense. It’s quite easy for car repair expenses to add up. It could be a last-minute decision to travel out of the country and you need some extra cash boost for your pocket money. Whatever your financial need is, you’d prefer getting a hold of the extra funds you need fast!

Being a lender locator, IAFC cannot guarantee that you will get access to your preferred loans. Lenders have differing policies and how they will treat a loan application will be a reflection of this.

Once a loan application has been submitted, we will get to work and ensure that we can get you paired with the right lender with the right loan instruments as fast as we can. It may be even possible for you to get an outcome of the application within just a few minutes from sending it.

Do note that access to the loan funds may have to wait until the next business day as this can be subject not only to your lender’s transfer times as well as that of your bank.

Whilst IAFC will do what we can to get your loan application processed as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee when exactly you will be able to get access to your funds.

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You can also check our FAQs section on the site if there are other questions you need clarifications for. You can also send us an email at hello@iafc.com.au.

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