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Guaranteed Payday Loans- IAFC

Offering guaranteed payday loans, no matter the circumstances is going to entice customers to what lenders have to offer. Since, as a borrower, you need additional cash to sort you out of an emergency expense, it would be quite assuring to know that the lender that will help you get the financial help you are looking for will approve your loan application despite your financial situation in Australia.   

These loans may sound very good to your ears as a borrower in need of quick access to cash, but they are somehow illegal. Additionally, borrowers should be guarded against lenders who publicize that they provide guaranteed approval loan products in Australia.   

Disclaimer: IAFC cannot offer borrowers any payday loans with guaranteed approval. As a borrower, you cannot ever get a guarantee for any loan for approval with IAFC. All loan applications are subject to the actual lender’s application assessment and standard evaluation including the check by IAFC.  

Guaranteed Payday Loans – What are payday loans with guaranteed approval no matter what?

You will find Payday loans as loans that are normally small, up to about $2000 and lesser and they are always unsecured. Typically, payday lenders offer this kind of loan. They also have very short repayment terms and you will find some lenders that offer just 4 weeks term.   

Also, on the other hand, the guaranteed loan provides loans with guaranteed approvals. Although it is quite reassuring to think of, especially in a situation that you are desperate as a borrower. But you need to also think again before you get involved in business with such lenders. They are likely just scammers. 

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Guaranteed Loans in Australia – Why should I be wary of guaranteed loans?

There are loans in Australia — at least legit ones, that offer guaranteed approval. Lenders need to be responsible when lending money and offering a guaranteed approval no matter what is in contrast with that.

Responsible lending practices focus on ensuring that customers will only be offered loan contracts that are within their means to repay. For instance, a loan may be deemed unsuitable if:

  • The objectives and financial needs of consumers aren’t going to be met.
  • The contractual repayments are more than enough for the consumer to afford.

In addition, there are steps that creditors need to take to prevent the above scenario from happening. This is why lenders that offer guaranteed approval regardless of their circumstances are not practicing responsible lending.

Lenders and Credit – How do creditors ensure responsible lending practices?

There are obligations that the 2009 National Consumer Credit Protection Act has outlined for creditors to follow in Australia. Whilst it is up to creditors to determine how they can effectively follow their obligations, the following are just a few of the steps they need to take to ensure that they are indeed doing so.

  1.       Look into a borrower’s financial standing, along with his objectives and needs.
  2.       Ensure that steps are taken to carefully confirm a borrower’s present financial standing.
  3.       Carry out a final assessment of whether the contract they plan on offering would be suitable for the lender or not.

You can also get access to the full guide at the ASIC’s website.

Guaranteed Approval Loans

Lender Offer Guaranteed Loans – Are there creditors offering guaranteed payday loans?

No legit lender will ever offer any guaranteed approval of any of its loan products. They are, after all, required by the law to take the time to review the current financial standing of their customers before giving them the nod. This is why if there is a lender that will offer such a setup for you, consider the offer as nothing more than a scam and you’re better off staying away from that lender.

If you’re doubtful about the reliability of the lender you’re dealing with, here are some of the warning signs that you need to be aware of:

  • Creditors offering an assured approval
  • Lenders that aren’t licensed by the ASIC
  • Lenders that require  an upfront payment
  • Creditors requiring borrowers to deposit the upfront payment into some bank account
  • Generic address emails
  • Interest rates that are way too low, it’s too good to be true

Guaranteed payday loans vs instant approval loans

Consumers may encounter online lenders that offer instant approval payday loans. Whilst they may seem to be just one and the same thing, there are differences between the two.

Instant approval often gets misconstrued by some borrowers to mean that their loans will be approved no matter what. However, it actually refers to the fact that the loan will get processed quickly, so once it is deemed by the lenders that they are qualified then it will be approved instantly.

Instant approval, however, doesn’t mean guaranteed approval. This is, after all, a credit instrument that will still require the creditor to carry out the necessary assessment before giving their stamp of approval

Can IAFC help me find guaranteed payday loans no matter what my financial standing is?


IAFC will only get you partnered with credible, responsible and legit lenders. In addition, we may not even be able to get you matched with a payday creditor. The reason for this is that the lenders that we are in partnership with tend to offer personal loans of $300 to $10000, instead of payday loans.

Personal vs Payday – Guaranteed payday loans vs personal loans

At first glance payday loans and personal loans seem to be similar. However, there are certain differences that separate the two.

For instance, payday lenders offer only small amount loans of no more than $2000. Whilst there may be lenders that can offer up to $5000, it is quite rare. Also, payday loans are generally unsecured which means that you won’t need to offer any collateral. At the same time, they tend to have short repayment terms.

Personal loans may still be small loans, but are generally higher than what payday lenders are willing to offer. You can take out a loan of up to $10000 via a personal loan. The repayment term tends to be longer as well, ranging from several months to a few years. However, note that personal loans worth $2100 and up to $10000 will require collateral

Laws in Australia – Bad credit vs instant loans with guaranteed approval

Whilst these two products may seem similar at first glance, it’s important to understand the differences.

Guaranteed approval means that no matter what your loan application will be approved. However, loans like these shouldn’t be offered by lenders since they are a violation of the responsible practices of creditors as is mandated by laws in Australia.

In addition, instant loans are credits that are processed fast so you get the outcome in no time at all. Realistically, however, the lender will first need to get the application duly assessed which would mean a bit of processing time. Approval isn’t guaranteed as well as there’s a chance that lenders may turn the application down if there are indications that you might not have the means to afford it.

What‘s the best loan to get approved for with a poor credit score?

When looking for an online loan, everybody wants the whole application process to run smoothly.

Unfortunately, there’s no correct answer to this question since there are different variables that can affect the chances of you getting approved. So, a loan that may be easiest to get approved for by one borrower may not necessarily mean the same for you. 

Get Loan with Bad Credit – Can I take out a loan with a really poor credit record?

When your credit score is way too poor, it will give the lenders the impression that you have had several financial missteps in the past. As a result, lenders are likely going to be a little wary about the possibility of letting you borrow money.

Consumers may still wish to take advantage of IAFC’s lender locator service. We cannot offer any guarantee that your application will get approved. We will guarantee though that we will do the best we can towards finding you lenders that will not only focus on your credit score but will also consider your financial standing when making their decision.

The lenders we will aim to partner you with will usually consider the following            

  • Your present income as well as your expenses
  • Your banking history for the last 90 days
  • Your employment status

Are there guaranteed payday loans for Centrelink recipients?

Possibly, yes. We will do what we can to get you pointed to the right direction.

Whilst we may not be able to get you matched with lenders that offer Centrelink payday loans. We may be able to get you paired with a personal loan provider who can help you out.

There may be lenders we are partnered with who may be able to consider the applications of Centrelink consumers. Still, these lenders will not and cannot guarantee loan approval. Also, lenders can also differ on how they are going to take on these Centrelink applications such as:

  • The kind of Centrelink payments that will be considered by lenders.
  • How much of the benefits that a borrower is receiving can cover the repayments.

Can you offer a guaranteed payday loan with no credit assessment?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any guarantee that the loans offered to you will not involve any credit assessment.

There is a chance that you may be paired with a lender whom we are partnered with that can process a loan approval without having to carry out a hard credit check. However, getting matched with these kinds of lenders isn’t also guaranteed.

In the event that a credit check is indeed carried out, lenders will also focus on where you currently stand now, financially. More importantly, the lenders will also be interested to know what your current income is, what your present expenses amount to and what kind of repayment history you have established over the years.

Can I apply for payday loans without providing any bank statements?

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Some lenders may be able to process a no paper work loan application without needing a copy of your banking details. The reason for this is that they may be able to get access to the information they need digitally, when needed.

This is why consumers will usually need to provide lenders with a copy of the last 90- days of their banking details in order to proceed with a loan application. The reason for this is to make it possible for the lender to look closer at your current state as far as your finances go.

Your bank statements will be used by lenders to determine the following:

  • Your current income
  • Your present spending habits
  • Your repayment track record
  • Your current employment status

With this, there may be no need for you to provide supplies of your banking statement. But your lender will still expect you to have at least 3 years of banking history in order to better assess the application.

Alternatives to guaranteed payday loans

If you need emergency cash today, it is always tempting to seek out lenders that can offer a guaranteed approval. Unfortunately, lenders— especially the dodgy types, know very well how consumers tend to make not well thought-out decisions when the need is sudden.

When looking for a loan online, it’s always best to remember that anything that seems too good to be true, probably is.

If you’re looking for emergency access to money, the first important thing you need to do is to not panic. Also, understand that lenders will always take a bit of time to process your application, so allow them the time to evaluate yours. At the same time, it is never worth it to be lured by lenders that offer guaranteed approval. In reality, they’re likely running a scam.

What happens when I get approved by a lender?

If you get matched with a lender, expect them to get in touch with you and will let you know if you are approved or not. You will then be sent a loan contract which you will then approve if you agree to its provisions. When reading the contract, make sure to consider the following details:

  • Fees and rates involved
  • The loan amount offered
  • Specific repayment term

Note that there’s a very good chance that the loan offered to you or the amount a lender will offer may not exactly be the same one as you have applied for.

If you’re not sure about certain details involved in the contract, always make sure to call your lender and discuss this with them directly. They can walk you through the details involved in the contract and the application process to ensure that you’re well aware of what you’re about to sign up for.

Direct Debit – How do the loan repayments work?

Typically, the loan repayment term will be agreed by you and the lender. You will determine how long you would prefer to pay off the loan as well as how often you are going to make the repayments. Lenders will generally allow you to make repayments weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

Often, the lenders will then set up a direct debit so the repayments will just be deducted automatically from your account. The direct debit will also stop once the repayment has been completed.

Bear in mind that missed repayments can be subject to penalties and other fees. These fees and other related charges will be outlined in the loan contract. It helps to read through your contract and to make sure that you understand all of its provisions before signing.

I wish to report a payday lender offering guaranteed payday loans!

Are you displeased with a recent transaction with a particular creditor? Do you feel that you have been unfairly treated?

A first step is to raise this complaint with the actual lender. They will hopefully take the necessary steps to resolve the concern and will find this a learning opportunity for them to treat their customers better. If you are still unsatisfied with their response, you have the option to get in touch with AFCA or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority.

They are an independent body that deals with complaints about:

  • Finance loans and credits
  • Insurance
  • Banking transactions and payments
  • Financial and investments advice
  • Superannuation

How can I get access to $100?

There are providers that may let you borrow something as small as $100. Unfortunately, these kinds of lenders are not included in the network of lenders that IAFC works with. We only work with creditors that are known to offer small amount loans of $300-$2000.

Guaranteed Fast Cash Loans

Can you help me find a lender offering no credit check easy loans for no job borrowers?

Consumers who are currently unemployed are more than welcome to send in their application. IAFC may be able to find lenders who will be willing to offer you easy loans despite your employment status. However, unemployed applicants will still need to prove to the lenders that they have a means to pay back what they are borrowing. In this case, some lenders may accept Centrelink as a form of regular income.

Why choose IAFC?

Borrowers from all over the country love our lender-locator service and it’s easy to see why.

If you choose to lodge a loan application at IAFC, expect the following:

It’s 100% free

Expect that the service is always going to be absolutely free. It doesn’t even matter if you get matched with a lender or if our attempts at getting you a loan were unsuccessful. The service is always going to be free and you won’t pay a single cent when using IAFC.

We are quick

We understand how desperate some of our consumers are when they approach our lender-locator service and lodge an application through our site and we make sure that the application gets worked on by our automated system ASAP. Depending on the day of the week or time of the day you have applied, it is possible for you to get an outcome of the application in just an hour— provided that you have sent your application within our normal business times.

We also work hand in hand with lenders that offer quick cash loans. They will always aim to get your application assessed at the soonest possible time. Once approved, you can expect the funds to get transferred to your account soon after. While this may depend on the transfer time set by your bank, in some cases, you may even get access to your money within the same day.

Note though that banks aren’t operational on a weekend as well as during public holidays. In this case, if you get a loan contract approved on a Friday, you may have to wait until the next business day to get access to your funds.

Smart automated system

We take pride in our automated system which allows us to get digital access to the information we need. This makes it possible for us to process the application minus the typically cumbersome paperwork.

There won’t be any need for you to look for your old banking statements. Instead IAFC will gather all the information needed and have it passed on to potential lenders who may offer the right kind of credit instruments for you.   


For any questions regarding the IAFC lender locator service, just check out our FAQs page.

You can also get in touch with a live person by emailing us at hello@iafc.com.au. We can address any questions you have about the application and about how IAFC works in general.

Note that the moment your application gets paired with a lender, it will be beyond your jurisdiction. Communication will then be between you and the lenders and we won’t be able to address any questions you might have about the application, all your concerns will have to be directed to the actual lenders instead. Whilst these lenders may be part of the network of creditors that we associate our lender locator service with, they are still a separate entity altogether 

Any questions you have pertaining to the loan or the lenders, make sure to direct your questions to them.

Convenient repayments

The lenders we are in partnership with are known for making it easy enough for you to get the loans repaid. To do this, they will usually get your account set up for a direct debit so the repayments will be automatically deducted on the specific schedule they were meant to. After the repayments have been completed, the direct debit is also going to stop

Also, the lenders might offer you a very flexible term. You can also choose to pay them weekly, monthly or fortnightly.

You can choose how to spend the funds

Personal loans are funds you can use for just about anything, just the same way you would with money, any personal cost can be covered using the funds from the personal loan. Whether it is travel money or funds for a new caravan you are looking for, you can easily be covered using a personal loan.

Service available anywhere in the country

Our services are available 100% online which allows you to apply for a loan no matter where you are in the country. As long as you have a device that can access the internet and an internet connection, you can easily lodge the application.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living on Cape York or Brisbane or Perth or Kangaroo Island. You can just apply any time.

Safe and secure

IAFC uses Comodo and McAfee to ensure the overall security and safety of our consumers so you can trust that all your details will be kept safe the entire time.

Transparent transactions

Honesty is a huge thing for us and is something we practice in every facet of the services we offer. You can expect the same thing from the lenders we are in partnership with.

The fees, charges and rate regarding your loan will be included in your contract. This is why you won’t need to have to worry about hidden fees and other related charges.

Understanding and accommodating lenders

In the event that your circumstances will change which will cause you to no longer be able to afford the loan repayment, make sure to contact your lender at the soonest possible time.

Most lenders will be willing to cancel a repayment in the event that you are unable to afford it, in exchange for a fee.

For those instances where you experience a drastic life change, contact your lender to let them know. If you get injured or lose your job, it could mean you losing your ability to repay the money you owe. For situations like these, you have the option to sign up for a hardship application. Just contact the creditor’s hardship department.

Be prepared to offer evidence of your hardship. This may include:

  • A medical certificate if you are injured
  • Letter of termination if you lost your job
  • Bank statements

The lenders will then assess the hardship claim. Once approved, a repayment break or a payment plan may be offered to you.

Bad credit? We got you covered

Life can’t always go as planned and there will likely be bumps and stumps along the way.

If you ended up with a bad credit in the past, it shouldn’t be reason enough to prevent you from getting access to credit. Your past financial missteps shouldn’t dictate what credit instruments you can get access to today.

You may be offered a personal loan for bad credit. This means that even when lenders do assess your credit record, they will still consider the application by focusing on where things currently stand as far as your finances go.

Borrowing Money – Warning about borrowing

When borrowing you might think that going for a smaller amount of money will be the more practical option for you. However, it can actually end up being more expensive, this is why it is always best to take a look at potential options available for you out there.

Call us today if you need some financial advice.

If your bills are piling up and you’re having a hard time keeping up with them, you can always check with your utility provider to see if they offer some form of payment plan.  

If you’re a Centrelink recipient, you may qualify for an advance which you can repay interest free from the future repayments you will be receiving. This is a more suitable solution than taking out a loan with interest involved.

Stay away from guaranteed payday loans

If personal loans are what you’re looking for, take advantage of our lender locator service at IAFC instead. We may be able to get you paired with lenders than can offer you personal loans of $300 to $10000.

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