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Almost everyone must have been short of cash at one point or the other in our lives, this experience is universal, and then we find ourselves in need of 1-hour cash loans. Moreso, there are a lot of times that you find yourself living in this exact scenario in the past and the worst part is that these situations happen when you do not even expect them. Due to this, if you require cash, you may want to consider sending a loan application to IAFC. Through our network of lenders, potentially, we may be able to get your approval for a 1-hour cash loan. Once we receive your application during normal business hours, you can get approval in just an hour! After approval, you could get your cash in your bank account in just a minute if you accepted the loan contract. When you think of fast cash loans, only think of IAFC!    

IAFC 1 hour cash loans

In the past, if you ever want to take out a short term loan, you will have to head to the bank, secure an appointment and discuss with one of their specialists about your situation and how you are interested in applying for a loan. You’re usually at the mercy not only of the bank staff but also of their lengthy approval process. This usually spells bad news if you happen to need the money fast— especially for emergency situations like a sudden car repair bill or an out of the blue medical expense.

Taking out a personal loan from banks and other traditional lending platforms isn’t easy back in the day but the situation has pretty much remained the same even now. It is common for banks to require their customers to wait for several days before they can find out the result of their application. On top of that, there’s also generally a ton of paperwork that any interested loan applicant will have to fill out as well. 

Luckily these days, you will no longer have to be at the mercy of the banks and traditional lending services. If you ever find yourself in need of extra cash fast to cover an unexpected cost, you can take advantage of IAFC’s 1 hour cash loans. You can even sign up for a same-day cash loan. Our 1 hour cash loans we offer are easy and fast. This means that you can potentially get an outcome to your application within just 1 hour after submitting your application to us, provided that you submit the application within our normal business hours. Once approved, you can get access to the funds within the same day we even provide weekend payday loans. Note, however, speed in the time involved for accessing your funds will be dependent on the transfer times of your bank.

Most of the time, people don’t have a good grasp of how  1 hour cash loans works. These are just simple loans that can get submitted quickly and get approved at a much quicker speed as well. They are referred to as one-hour loans due to how you can potentially secure an outcome for the application within just 1 hour if it got submitted within our normal working hours. However, it is also important to remember that there may be instances when you cannot get access to your loan funds within 60 minutes as transfer times are heavily dependent on the bank involved.

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1 Hour Cash Loans

1 hour personal loans

When dealing with a financial crisis and you suddenly find yourself a bit short on cash a personal loan is something that a lot of people would normally consider taking out— especially if they’re not really keen on the idea of borrowing the funds they need from family or friends. If you choose to apply for these loans with traditional lenders and banks, you have to be ready to wait for several days or even weeks to get approved. By that time, it may have already been too late. If you need funds for something urgent like a car that needs to get repaired or a medical emergency that needs covering, you want to look for ways that you can get access to what you need as quick as you can. 

For situations like these, 1-hour personal loans can be quite handy. It is possible to get an outcome for a bad credit payday loan within just 60 minutes provided that the application is done during our normal business hours.

1 hour fast loans

Life is always going to surprise you at some point. Unfortunately, these surprises aren’t always the pleasant kind. It can get quite stressful if the surprise turns out to be a finance-related one and you don’t really have a stash of cash somewhere that you can just sue when the situation calls for it. Luckily, you can rely on AC to address such needs fast. Our 1 hour quick loans may just be the solution you need to address the problem.

These credit products may just be the right choice for you if you need to get access to cash without having to deal with a ton of paperwork or waiting for days to get a result. All you really have to do now is sign up for a 1-hour fast loan by filling out the streamlined application form on our website. We will then work on getting it evaluated and work as fast as we can to get you paired with a lender that can make a loan offer. It may take us up to 60 minutes to get your application evaluated.

1 hour quick cash loans

We know all too well the stress and the headaches brought about by the curveballs that life is bound to throw at you. Sometimes, you may need extra funds as fast as you can to address some emergency expenses. If you have not really saved up that much for the rainy days online personal loans that you can get results for within just 1 hour would be such a lifesaver.

When taking out a personal loan, you will likely be offered sameday loans for up to $10,000. Typically, the amount will need to be paid off within 24 months. Our 1-hour cash loans allow quick access to funds and may be the perfect solution for those instances when you need to get access to funds fast. This is because the moment you get approved for a 1-hour loan, you can expect the funds to be deposited into your account on the same business day. Just note, however, that access to these funds may be subjected to interbank transfer times.

Searching for 1-hour no credit check cash loans?

At IAFC, we offer access to 1 hour cash loans via our partner lenders. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer no credit check loans. Since we only partner with responsible lenders, our lender partners will perform credit checks on every single application sent for 1-hour loans. However, this should not be reason enough for you to shy away from sending an application to us. This is because even when you have a less than perfect credit history, you have a fair chance at getting approved for a 1-hour bad credit loan. Our ender partners can even offer access to extra funds to unemployed people, so you’ve got nothing to lose to send in an application now!

Our lenders tend to be more lenient and flexible compared to traditional lenders. Compared to regular lenders, our lender partners here at AFC are more than happy to give every potential borrower the chance to secure extra funds via a cash loan no matter their credit rating. They believe that your past mistakes shouldn’t define the kind of borrower you are now, and it is certainly not a reflection of your current financial position.

When evaluating applications for 1-hour loans, our lender partners will take into consideration a number of factors. Your credit score is just one of the qualifying criteria. They will also look at where things currently stand as far as your finances go. If they find that you have been doing alright money-wise and can actually show that you have the means to support a loan repayment, then you can get a loan approval.

Why you might need to take out a 1-hour loan

There are always going to be items when you may be a bit short on cash and you need to get access to more. You may be ken on looking for other more viable options but the only one available for you might just be an online payday loan. There are numerous life situations when you can benefit from signing up for a 1 hour cash loans. For instance:

Medical bills

Life might surprise you with a medical emergency, something that you have not really financially prepared for. Unfortunately, these surprises can turn your finances into chaos. Settling the expense may require you to look for cash from outside sources and you have to do it fast too! When you need to get access to extra funds fast, you can rely on IAFC to help you get access to 1-hour cash loans that our lender partners offer. Send us an application today and get the chance to spread out the repayment costs over time when you get approved.

Car repairs

Cars are expected to break down every now and then. It doesn’t even matter if you’re keen at keeping your maintained every so often. What’s even more annoying is that they can break down when you least expect it. With any luck, they can break down on a day when you are most short of cash and you don’t have anything extra to cover an emergency car repair cost.  One way of ensuring that you can cover the costs would be to take out a 1-hour loan. At IAFC, you can get access to the emergency funds you need through the 1-hour loans that our lenders offer.

Eligibility requirements

At IAFC, we believe in giving all borrowers from all walks of life a good chance at getting access to credit. The lenders we have partnered with believe in the same thing too. However, we do have certain qualifications that interested borrowers will have to meet in order for them to qualify for an IAFC 1-hour loan. These are:

  • Borrowers must be no younger than 18 years old
  • Borrowers should either be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Borrowers should be receiving some form of regular income
  • Borrowers should be able to provide a valid email address and phone number so lenders can easily get in touch with them later

Quick Cash Loans

What do I have to do to apply?

We understand that the reason you are interested in taking out an emergency cash loan is that you need access to funds fast. This is why we have made it considerably easier for you to get your hand to the funds you need as fast as possible. With that being said, we have done away with the usual mountain of paperwork and documents that are involved with regular loan applications. You will enjoy a simplified and streamlined application process and you won’t have to wait for days to find out whether you got approved or not. Before you get started, however, you must first need to include the following details to speed up your application process:

  • Details of your bank account
  • Your contact details like our email address and phone number
  • Reasons for signing up for a loan
  • Details of your employment


These are all simple enough to fulfill and should help you breeze through the whole application process. Once you have all these details on hand, just send your application so we can start processing it and locating a lender that will be ideal for the type of loan you need.

Signing up for 1-hour loans

It shouldn’t; take more than a few minutes to sign up for an AFC 1-hour loan. Just follow the steps below when applying at IAFC:

Step 1. Complete the form

Just scroll up to the top of the page to use the loan calculator we have provided. Choose the loan amount you wish to borrow and then select your preferred loan repayment term. If you’re happy with the representative numbers on your screen, just click apply to proceed. You will get redirected to the application form which you must fill out accurately.

Step 2. Assessment

After you have completed the application form and submitted it to us, our loan experts are going to review it to assess whether you’re qualified for the loan or not. It is possible to get an outcome for the application in just 1 hour provided that you submitted the application within our normal business hours.

Step 3. Funds transfer

Once your application gets approved, the funds should be transferred to your bank account on the same day, provided that the approval was made within our regular business hour. Note, however, that access to your funds, will be subjected to the transfer times of your bank 

Upsides of IAFC loans

Wondering what benefits you can get out of taking out a fast cash loan via IAFC? There are certainly tons! Below we list down some of the perks you can expect if you decide to take out a 1-hour loan or any loan for that matter via IAFC.

100% online process

We process loan applications online 100%. This means that you won’t get subjected to mountains of paperwork just to complete a loan application. All you need to do to apply is fill out an online application form which shouldn’t take you more than a few moments to complete. Your application then gets submitted to the database and the evaluation then starts.

Fast approval

At IAFC, we make access to loans via our lender partners as fast and no-fuss as possible. Most of the time, our lenders can offer results to a loan application within just an hour from the time the application got submitted which is such a stark difference to the long waiting times borrowers would generally get subjected to if they were applying at a traditional lender or bank. If you’re looking for loans that can get approved fast, IAFC’s 1-hour loan can be just the right choice for you. Submit an application today and our team of loan specialists are going to get back to you at the soonest possible time.

No early payment penalties

While there are a lot of lenders that will penalise you for wanting to get your loan paid off earlier than scheduled, our lender partners won’t. You aren’t going to be punished for wanting to get your loan paid off earlier than what your term dictates. You shouldn’t be punished for wanting to get out of debt sooner and for wanting to be more responsible with your finances. In addition, going this route might even help you save a few bucks especially in terms of interest rates which will now be stopped since you’re paying off the loan sooner than the term.

Full transparency

The fast approval loans that we offer through our lender partners aren’t designed to trap you into some vicious debt cycle or for you to pay for some hidden charges. Transparency is a big thing for the lenders that we work with and our lender partners will want to see to it that you know what you’re signing up for by laying out all the facts in the loan contract. This means that if you have been promised to pay only a certain amount for the entirety of the loan term, expect that the numbers are going to be the same.

Convenient and easy repayments

Through our lender partners, we are able to make easy, fast and convenient loans accessible to our customers. There’s absolutely no need for you to set tons of reminders just to make sure that you will get your dues paid on the correct date. This is because once you sign a loan contract, a direct debit is going to be set up which allows the automatic deduction of your dues on your preferred date every month, week or fortnight with this, you won’t ever have to worry about paying late or missing a repayment altogether.

How technology speeds things up!

Thanks to the numerous advances in technology over the years, the world has considerably been revolutionized with everything being digitized. Today, things are becoming better and bigger. The dawning of the digital age has considerably transformed the way people are living their lives and this, in turn, has also revolutionized the way people are doing business these days. This has even sped up the way people are living their lives as everything seems to be more accessible with just a few clicks of a button. Significantly, this has paved the way for a number of changes that were introduced in the lending world.   

  • Loan software- In the past, sending out a loan application wasn’t as easy and convenient. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking out a mortgage or car loan from a bank or applying for a loan at a smaller lending service for a smaller amount to cover for unexpected bills. The loan application process then gets dragged out for days, even weeks. Today, companies are using the latest, the best and the most innovative loan software which leads to minimal to no paperwork. The businesses offering these lending services can now fast-track the process, so customers do not have to wait for days or weeks to find out whether they qualified for any loan. This technology didn’t just revolutionize the application process but has also made profound differences in the end-to-end management of loans. This means that every single step of the lending process has been automated from application to approval to servicing to compliance. As more and more companies are making it possible for their customers to get access to accounts through their online portals, so keeping track of applications and repayments have been made easier and more convenient.
  • Improvements to online banking- Most of the banks these days have online banking as an option. This means that customers being served by these banks can now get access to a wide range of financial transactions via the internet. This means too that they will generally not have any need to step inside an actual branch office just to carry out any transaction. Whether you’re paying for lunch or paying a bill, all you need to do is provide your baking details and you can get the payment sent right away without any fuss. This has significantly simplified the whole process. This has done away with the need for you to go to an actual branch just so you can add $10 to your savings account. Almost every single banking transaction these days can be done right from the very comforts of your home.  
  • Shopping- Technology has also been changed considerably over the past few years. Now being made simpler in a variety of areas, this has significantly increased the value of shoppers on a daily basis. Options like tap and go payments which makes for fast processing in stores to options where you can just click and collect here you order the stuff you want and then pick it up at the store at a time that is most convenient to you are just a few of the things that have transformed shopping, making it less of a time-consuming process. Technology has also paved the way for the increase in the number of online shoppers as this has made more and more stores accessible to customers no matter where they are shopping from. The fact that you don’t need to be physical at the store in order to buy the stuff you want just takes shopping to a whole new different level. This also allows customers to just visit their favourite stores to shop for stuff they might be interested in any time of the day.
  • Social and educational- If you have always wanted to sign up for a course to improve your career prospects or if you just simply want to shift careers, the presence of technology has made it so much easier for you to do so. All you have to do is sign up for distance learning platforms where you can just use your gadgets connected to the internet to access virtual classes and lectures. This means that you can easily study right from the comforts of home if you wish to.

Innovations and improvements to technology have significantly advanced the way that people communicate these days. Emails, social networking sites, and mobile phones are just a few of the most utilized tools these days where communications go. Mobile and easily accessible, they have paved the way for easier ways to connect with other people— something that is very much needed in such a modern setting when people’s lifestyles have made it harder to communicate the natural way— that is, face to face. Today, with all the different platforms for communication available, getting in touch with people you care about and dropping them a message has been made easier and faster to do today. The same is true with the lending industry, everything has been streamlined, access is made easier and results can be expected to come out faster compared to the pace that they used to require before.

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